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January 2011

I think The Academy should look into moving the Oscars earlier in the year. They seem to be less and less relevant each year…

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NASA Here’s a view from space of that big snowstorm blowing across the U.S. right now (taken 4 hrs ago).

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NASAKepler 02.02. Are you ready?

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@Quakeprediction What happened to that guarantee? Snake oil…

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“All these worlds are yours except Europa. Attempt no landings there.”…

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RT @bostonturgy Um, srsly? Fox news, pls check google earth. Egypt is not where you think it is.…

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@suzanne_ra No, say it ain’t so! Print your email, really?

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Happy 7th Anniversary Mars Opportunity! Not bad for a 3-month mission. ;-) Here is a great pic:…

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Is there an email printing epidemic I am unaware of? Why do so many emails ask me to only print them if necessary? Who prints their email?

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A Double Solar Eruption!!! Awesome!!!

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It has taken me years, but I have FINALLY gotten my wife hooked on The Office. We have been watching in order. Still in Season 2.

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AstronomyUpdate Astronomy professor pleads guilty to killing Pluto

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NASA Space shuttle Discovery’s final trip to the launch pad is set for 8pmET on Jan. 31/1:00 UT Feb. 1:

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I wish TweetDeck let me move the notification windows to the center of the screen. The corners are really annoying. Always get in the way.

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cocoamedia Douglas Adams’ online encylopedia tries to buy itself back from the BBC

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rainnwilson DiGiorno wants us to explode in a fountain of fat and Wyngz

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@BrianDunning I couldn’t get through his website. Even trying to read one page hurts my brain. His :FLAGS page is his best…

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Saw The Kids are All Right. I wanted to like it, but I didn’t care for it. It ended with a bad taste in my mouth. No likable characters.

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@fratpacktribute I didn’t care for Pilgrim at all, but I do think it got a Visual Effects snub.

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@fratpacktribute Although the storyline was not well worn, I don’t know how innovative the special effects in Pilgrim were. Cool, sure.

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SethMacFarlane All those vampires and not one with a cape? Fuck you, Twilight.

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Now that AT&T has jumped into the “4G” pool, the marketing war will heat up. Just remember, nobody really has 4G. It’s all smoke & mirrors.

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@KevinCrossman Jets not making it feels way better. I can’t stand the Steelers but the Jets make me want to puke…

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CobraCommander I’d rather have Stevie Wonder shave my balls than root for the Steelers

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wtbates Is anyone surprised by the score? The Jets have no business being in the AFC Championship game.

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You can’t watch Green Bay play this year and not think you are seeing a Super Bowl champion.

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Is there a possible scenario where the Bears/Packers game can be the Super Bowl and we can just forget about Steelers/Jets?

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Whipped cream and cotton candy flavored vodka = evil. Damn it, evil has invaded my body. Oh, sweet evil…

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@weberwithoneb Kidding aside, I really miss Sydney. I had some AWESOME times there.

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@weberwithoneb Damn it! ;-) Too much vodka does that. :-)

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@weberwithoneb One of these days I need to keep my Twitter accounts straight. :-)

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A great University of Scouting today! RT @CubmasterB If you would like to get a copy of my presentations, visit

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“Look at me, I am the most content guy I know and I live in a tent with a woman made of old soup cans.”

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CassiniSaturn Have a look at Cassini scientists’ top 2010 images! Then download our high-res poster-sized mosaic.

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NASA LIVE NOW: Take a look inside the core of the moon during the next NASA Chat with a lunar expert.

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Pangea Arcade could be the best free game for the Mac ever! Get it now in the App store before it goes back to $4.99!

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BoingBoing Apple’s diabolical plan to screw your iPhone

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MarsCuriosity “Huge success!” says team following skycrane (landing system) drop test. Check out the vid:

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NASAKennedy 5 years ago today, @NewHorizons2015 launched from Kennedy on an Atlas V rocket, headed for Pluto. It will take 4.5 more years to get there!

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My iPhone keeps auto-correcting gazillion into bazillion. WTF?

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CERN CERN’s Steve Myers helped launch a great new learning resource featuring particle physics in Northern Ireland today:

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Astro_Mike I will be on NOVA Science Now on PBS tomorrow night at 8PM as a correspondant for a segment on spacesuits, please watch if you can!

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I should be able to swipe and scroll my iPhone dock to get to my top 8-16 apps.

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The song Trucha by OPM puts me in a good mood. Great stuff.

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You couldn’t be more dead on! RT @fratpacktribute Not giving Carell a goodbye win = FAIL #goldenglobes

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AstronomyUpdate Images Of Star Formation Captured By NASA Telescope - RedOrbit

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Cowboys and Aliens looks pretty freakin’ good…

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We watched the 2:35 version of The Town last night (not the 2:08 theatrical release). It was good. I’d like to see the 4-hour director’s cut

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The Falcons are the Sharks of the NFL.

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I am not a Packer fan, but AJ Hawk is a kick-ass name!

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@BrianDunning You can set Time Machine to backup an external.

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NASAblueshift More from AAS! WISE captures an odd couple of galaxies - M81 and M82 - living as neighbors until an eventual merge:

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BreakingNews Meteor apparently hits Oklahoma, reported as flash of light in sky

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Some good points to consider. Why Wikileaks is Wrong:

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I am not against true whistle blowing, but Wikileaks goes way beyond that.

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@wilw Well, @wikileaks HAS done something wrong. Many things, like put people’s lives in danger. However, you still have a good point.

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cnnbrk Snow on the ground in 49 of 50 states

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I think AT&T suffers a bit from people loving to hate AT&T. Like hating Microsoft or the Yankees. Truth mixed with over hyped bias.

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The reason I left Verizon was the dropped calls and crappy coverage I got. That hasn’t been a problem for me with AT&T.

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@KevinCrossman Agreed, but it doesn’t seem worth moving to Verizon before the “4G” phones come out. I, personally, have no issues with AT&T.

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Now that Verizon finally has the iPhone, we can talk about real issues. Like the fact that all “4G” being advertized is not 4G.

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Just watched The Expendables. Battles, blood, explosions, oh my! It was AWESOME! 80’s style violence at its finest! Plot? Hahaha! FIGHTING!!

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flipflops So Palin & crew are feeling unjustly blamed for the actions of an extremist. Maybe they can ask Muslims for advice on how to deal w/ that.

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NASA [News] NASA’s Kepler Mission Discovers Its First Rocky Planet: NASA’s Kepler mission confirmed the discover…

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@weberwithoneb Yeah, but not in the head and not 12 or more others. Easier to survive a knife wound as well.

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KevinCrossman Regardless of ideology, you should read this post about Rep. Giffords Sad story. Far right needs to turn down rhetoric.

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With the new App Store for Mac, I need an App Dock of some sort. It just doesn’t feel right digging through my Applications folder…

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There is a “Charlie Bit Me!” app for iPhone, iPad and Mac… Really? Really? ….. Really???

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RT @hotdogsladies: ME: Medium drip.
SB: GRAHN-day. That’s how we say “medium.”
ME: OK—Dingospank.
SB: Sorry?
ME: That’s how I say, “I’m …

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NASA Interested in learning about NASA education events and offerings? See this week’s Education Express:

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@jonmchu Oh my friend. Never tempt Vegas like that. ;-)

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Holy Dr. Who-riffic! How did I miss this in November? I mst live under a rock! Thanks @CraigyFerg…

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I forgot to mention that Dinner for Schmucks has great music in it. I will look up the soundtrack later. Any on @KevinCrossman’s list?

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Another blow to the 49ers… RT @cnnbrk: Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck says he will not enter the NFL draft

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Still, it was enjoyable. Paul Rudd was good. Steve Carell was funny, but too much like Michel on steroids.

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Just watched Dinner for Schmucks. Some funny parts and cute parts. Could have been way better. The plot got a bit too crazy at times.

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This should help with my gut and to get ready for the zombie apocalypse.

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RT @NASAJPL: Andromeda galaxy is so “hot ‘n’ cold” in this new image from @ESA’s Herschel and XMM-Newton:

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I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that a zombie apocalypse could happen or that there are people out there that are excited about it.

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This is a sweet shot from APOD showing a partial eclipse of the sun and the ISS flying by.

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msjackiepayne Check out a new 10-year initiative to end violence against girls and women: (from @MoveEndViolence)

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@KevinCrossman Quora seems like a bit snazzier Yahoo! Answers. It doesn’t seem like it will amount to much. Am I missing something?

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MarsRovers On Jan. 24, Oppy celebrates her 7th birthday at this stadium-size crater. New aerial pic from @HiRISE:

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I just read that MySpace is cutting staff. Sorry, I hadn’t realized it was still around.

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Clearly the falling birds are flying into cloaked starships. We need to worry about our whales!!! Have we learned nothing from Star Trek?

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NASAJPL Up after midnight tonight? Look for the Quadrantids #meteor shower. 2011 meteor shower dates & viewing tips:

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@ThatKevinSmith I thought that telling people they are using it wrong was a duty now given to Steve Jobs, not the general public.

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NASA [Image of the Day] The Road Less Traveled: On Jan. 4, 2004, Spirit—the first of two NASA Mars Exploration …

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rainnwilson My New Movie!

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Watched Easy A last night. It was very enjoyable. Emma Stone can hold her own onscreen.

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Good job with the NFL schedule, Mr. Schedule Guy. Some good end of season drama when there is typically very little.

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@JRFallon8 What you talkin’ about Willis? Brady is still in.

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Voyager2 I am currently 13 hrs 10 mins 07 secs of light-travel time from Earth

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Eklund Don’t buy into any of these iginla to Philly rumors….but iginla could soon be in play.

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What the heck is up with 84 Trillion being the high score for Angry Birds. Someone found a cheat hole…

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Ihnatko Every font on is just $20.11 today…even the $395 one! Here are my faves, w/samples:

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ceoSteveJobs Appy new year.

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