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February 27th, 2011

paulandstorm [P] Randy Newman is a national treasure, and nobody say a goddamn thing snarky! #oscars

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CanberraDSN A beautiful bearded dragon lizard with DSS43 in the background. One of our favourite photos of nature and space.

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Wow, one of the most boring Academy Awards shows that I can remember watching. Bring back Billy Crystal. #oscarsontivo

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Another stuffy, pretentious film that barely anyone will watch wins “best” picture. Will the Oscars ever be relevant again? #oscarsontivo

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So far, Anne Hathaway and James Franco are a flop. Could they be any more flat and boring? #oscarsontivo

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Okay, Kirk Douglas may be scary looking, but he was pretty freaking funny. #oscarsontivo

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Just watching the Oscars now. Thank goodness for TiVo. Man, Kirk Douglas looks bad. He makes Dick Clark look (and sound) good.

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