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April 2011

AstronomyUpdate Women as planetary science role models

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SpaceUpdating NASA delays space shuttle Endeavour’s last launch

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BorowitzReport The Republican field of 2012 candidates is coming very close to qualifying as a prank.

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KevinCrossman Crowds at Buckingham Palace are nothing. Have you seen the line for Peter Pan at Disneyland?

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Eklund I just posted the official NHL round 2 schedule in my blog. >

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CitiBank could be the most unhelpful bank ever. Although, that seems to be part of most consumer businesses’ mission statements these days.

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HubbleTelescope Meteors and galaxy clusters star in May’s “Tonight’s Sky,” HubbleSite’s northern hemisphere stargazing show:

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Holy crap, a Steve Jobs in carbonite iPhone case!!!! Can you say, auto purchase?

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I can’t believe that in 2011 I am able to play Bolo on my Intel Mac. Can it get any better? Thank you SheepShaver!!!!

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@KevinCrossman Too bad “Mediamorphosis” didn’t catch on like he had hoped.

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KevinCrossman Knight Ridder predicted the iPad in 1994. Incredible video.…

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SpaceUpdating The Mirror on the Universe Is 21 Years Old Now

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SarahKSilverman Your kids won’t turn left-handed if you teach them that some people are left-handed.

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I am excited! Zombie Awareness Month is almost here! You knew that was May, right?

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SpaceUpdating Spacex Chief: We’re Going To Mars

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I am happily playing my original copy of MOO right now on an emulated Mac OS 7.5.5. It is GLORIOUS!!!

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BorowitzReport The advertising slogan of BJ’s Restaurant is, “I’m lovin’ BJs.” #sponsoredtweet

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A really interesting read. The remnants of our society are fascinating to me. Looks like we found #neverwhere ;-)

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SpaceUpdating Significant changes in Mars’ atmosphere detected

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WSJ Apple has overtaken Nokia to become the world’s largest handset vendor in terms of revenue

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The first thing you thought when she dropped the bomb? #ElCapitan

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SuzsMuses Did you know that Skynet became self-aware yesterday? ;-) #scifi #geekdom

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KevinCrossman Cool day for my hobby. Interview with Paul Rudd:

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BadAstronomer On Hubble’s 21st birthday, a *seriously* beautiful pic of colliding galaxies:

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Techland A hidden iPhone file has been recording your location coordinates. Yikes |

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Scott Adams, I remember when I thought you were cool… Don’t get me wrong, Dilbert can be great. You, however, are a jackass. No surprise.

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barque Top 5 Awesome Things About the Webb Telescope

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SpaceUpdating NASA Sets Launch Date For Space Shuttle Endeavour Mission

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Eklund Calder finalists- Logan Couture, Jeff Skinner, Michael Grabner. Tough choice! All three deserving. I voted for Couture by a hair.Your vote?

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MESSENGER2011 Unlike the Earth, Mercury does not have an atmosphere, but it does have an exosphere. Learn more here: http://messenger.jhuapl….

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Want to help make Hollywood a better place? Let’s all help send M. Night Shyamalan to film school:

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@KevinCrossman Boarders died b/c of abysmal business processes and too much floor space for music after the CD market died. JJ is crazy.

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SpaceUpdating NASA announces new homes for shuttle orbiters after retirement

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SpaceUpdating NASA set to announce the museums where the Space Shuttle fleet will reside - WCSH

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SpaceUpdating Battle for retired shuttles gets fiery

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The GOP will be wasting a lot of the good sentiment they have earned over the last couple of years. The blame won’t go to The Left.

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Are the Republican’s really that crazy? Good luck winning an election if the shutdown happens. Voter backlash will be rough.

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NASAKennedy April 12th will be 30th anniversary of first shuttle launch. Check this out for fun facts and much more:

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kellyoxford A paycheck is simply compensation for putting up with bullshit.

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Watching Iggy Pop on Idol is just embarrassing.

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When I close a tab, I wish Safari would jump to my last open tab, not the tab to the left of the one I closed. FireFox does it this way.

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WeAreTeachers Calling all teachers: Want to win a 3-year lease on a brand new Nissan LEAF electric car? It takes less than 5 minutes to enter so…

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SpaceUpdating Powerful Space Explosion May Herald Star’s Death By Black Hole

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Thanks for all of the folks who listened to my first broadcast. I had fun.

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@mbushong I will do my best. :-) I am watching, but not while I am talking.

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I love this version of “She’s Always a Woman” by Regine Velasquez.

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Up to 3 listeners!!! Wooohooo!!!! :-)

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On the air at:… Let me know if you have trouble connecting or if there are quality issues.

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I am listening to my stream via 3G on my iPhone. It sounds good. The performance could degrade as I get more listeners.

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I’m Back in the Saddle Again!

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My broadcast works really well on iPhone.

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You can interact with me live via Twitter: @WhereIF.

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Going on the air in 2 min. You can listen using iTunes, Quicktime, Windows Media player and such here:…

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Broadcasting live in just about 10 minutes. I’ll send out the URL in a few. I’ll be on for about an hour.

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I am going to be broadcasting live sometime around 10:15am Pacific, 1:15pm Eastern. About 30-ish minutes from now. I will send out the URL.

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teamcymru 75 y/o Georgian woman breaks cable, takes Armenia offline 3/28/11, facing 3 years jail:

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Wow, this weather site is pretty cool! Get your weather geek on!

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@kevincory Hey bud. Wasssup dog?

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Voyager2 I am currently 13 hrs 10 mins 32 secs of light-travel time from Earth (2011:097:2L)

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NASA announces a new mineral, Wassonite, found in a 4.5 billion year old meteorite.

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RT @mrenns: Dear Disney XM radio: Do you really think it’s appropriate to air ads for casinos? Really? #reasonsydisneyisevil

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Calgon take me away!!!! Oh, no Calgon? Okay then… Full Sail Pale Ale take me away!!!!

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Yes, I just said I swooned. Deal with it.

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Holy crap, I had no idea how obsessed with hot wings that I really am. I just smelled some, that tangy, hot wonderfulness, and swooned.

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I am watching the Pats RB Danny Woodhead in an ESPN interview. He looks like he should be growing weed not playing football.

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Except for Barry Bonds, does anyone really care about his perjury trial? Can we please dedicate zero news cycles to that?

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MESSENGER2011 How the Sun can affect things:

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NASA Mission Control & space station crew members are monitoring a piece of orbital debris that may pass close by

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Who says all criminals are rude? Theft victim receives thank you note from robber.

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LRO_NASA Did you know? The Moon has 5 times the mass of Pluto, and 3 times Pluto’s volume.

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Chillin’ out after a LONG weekend, listening to WSHL 91.3 FM, Stonehill College Radio on Live365. I feel like I need a Keystone Light…

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grouchyrabbit Fact: Light travels faster than sound. That’s why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

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Adding the Line Pack to the ThinkGeek Playmobil AppleStore was pure genius!!!

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wtbates Google Motion was clever, but the best April Fools joke, hands down, was the Playmobil Apple Store from ThinkGeek.

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MarsRovers Roads? Where she’s going she doesn’t need roads. Oppy has resumed her trek toward Endeavor crater.

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BronxZoosCobra A great cake recipe: 2 cups sugar, 4 eggs, 1 cup milk, 2 cups self-rising flour, 1 saw, 1 stick butter. And mix. Bring it by the zoo..

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Lou Gorman was a classy guy and built a strong ’86 Red Sox team. He was a great GM and a bright spot in Red Sox Nation. Rest in peace.

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Holy awesome! I just found the lyrics to the Tron Rock Opera. Is this really real?

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@EliseIyo4936 Piss off douche-bot. I won’t play a game for you. I will change your red to blue. I am the MCP, don’t you fuckin’ fuck with me

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