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May 2011

RT @NASA: The view of the space station from space shuttle Endeavour as it departs one last time. #sts134

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Voyager2 I am currently 13 hrs 08 mins 43 secs of light-travel time from Earth (2011:150:2L) Approaching standstill point!

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Great photographs comparing San Jose in the 70’s to San Jose of the 2000’s.

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RT @SpaceUpdating: Last chance to see space shuttle Endeavour in night sky … ever

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teamcymru chart from McAfee of the number of recent Mac #malware threats, end of the OS X holiday?

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jonahgoldman REALLY proud of Jackie. Check it out: #movetoendviolence

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Bruins Moonrise: Bruins/Bolts Game 7 tonight! Here is my take on APOD’s Boston Moonrise picture from March.

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@KevinCrossman Oh, and he sure does have a “body of work.” <rimshot here> Thank you, thank you. I will be here all week.

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@KevinCrossman The music in the video makes it sound like Ron Jeremy will pop out at any moment…

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I have no words to describe the spectacle of humanity in this video. “People Of Walmart Song”

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SpaceUpdating Awesome Hi Def Launch Videos from Endeavour

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Right now my iRobot Scooba is cleaning the kitchen floor. Take THAT Skynet! For now, you are my bitch!!!

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BrianDunning I miss the good old days when “Palin” meant Michael.

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BorowitzReport My ability to tweet started improving once I stopped having complete thoughts.

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@twsspodcast Just caught up on The Office. I hated Catherine Tate as Donna Noble in Doctor Who. I agree, the show would crash and burn.

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James Spader on the office was awesome! “He creeps me out, but I think he might be a genius…”

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I am a few episodes of The Office behind. Just watched Inner Circle. Great episode for Will Ferrell.

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I like Lauren and Scotty but Pia should have won this season of Idol.

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tap tap tap is giving out very cool, customized iPad 2s to celebrate launching #TheHeist for iPhone!

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SpaceUpdating On anniversary of Kennedy moon speech, we should look skyward

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Luke Thomas (@Quakeprediction) and Harold Camping must have taken the same Fear Mongering 101 class.

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WISE_Mission This week’s featured image shows a colorful collection of galaxy specimens released by WISE.

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NASAKepler Don’t YOU want to be part of the exoplanet detection club- 500, 1,000 or even 20,000 discoveries? check out & get started!

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KevinCrossman Incredible iPad guitar solo from @LambrosGeorge.…

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Gizmodo 111 Scenes that Lasted 1/1000 of a Second

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RT @NASA: Two views of the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland’s Grímsvötn taken today by our Terra & Aqua satellites.

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Can you crack the vault and solve #TheHeist for iPhone?…

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mattverso I’m sorry, but this is the greatest notification window in the history of notification windows.…

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Yikes, Twitter buys Tweetdeck. So long Tweetdeck. I really liked you.

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KevinCrossman Target, your sign is cute but if you say that “you do not allow solicitors” and there ARE solicitors then you didn’t do your job.

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I have found The Rapture in a bottle!

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SpaceUpdating Final Shuttle Launch Targeted for July 8

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I’ll be at the baseball field all day tomorrow and forget to send this out, so enjoy it now. #endoftheworld ♫


I so want to podcast again, I have just been sooooo lazy. I just passed 6500 downloads/listens according to PodPress and Blubrry. Cool!

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Gizmodo It’s called Rapture Bombing. It’s rad. And you should do it with us Tweet photos with #rapturebomb

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SpaceUpdating Astronomers find 10 Jupiter-sized planets without mother star

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A great Dr. Who episode written by @neilhimself. Oh, that sexy Tardis!

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SpaceUpdating Dark energy is real, new evidence indicates

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jonathancoulton Doing a live online interview in 10 with

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I know I missed May 4th, but the disco version of the Star Wars Theme is always worth sharing! #shakeyourbootyth… ♫


I hate services that post to multiple Twitter accounts without asking. Don’t change my settings without my permission please.

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mbushong “You know you’re saved. But when the Rapture comes what’s to become of your loving pets who are left behind?” | Funny!

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BorowitzReport Study Shows iPad Cures Adultery; Owners Stop Noticing Other People Altogether

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SethMacFarlane Someone should tell Palin that using the term “lamestream media” makes her sound like an ’80’s movie bully. But maybe I’m just a spazwad.

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So much for 2012. It looks like the world will end on Saturday. Man, I so hopped I’d see the Cubs win the World Series.

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@bamana Some Rockbottom IPA hit the spot today. :-)

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Have I ever mentioned that love beer? What a wonderful creation. IPA is my favorite, with Pale Ale being a close second.

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mbushong I like Dany Heatley in the good old days. You know, when he used to score goals and stuff. #expensivewaytofilloutalineup #sharks

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10 years later, Apple’s ‘crazy’ retail gamble is a hit. (via CNN)

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NASA Astronomers have discovered a new class of planets, floating alone in space, that may be more common than stars:

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RT @lifehacker: Foodily is a serious recipe search engine. Grab 17,000 bacon recipes, for example, or refine by source., dieta… (cont) h …

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SpaceUpdating NASA’s Shuttle Endeavour Heads to Space Station on Its Final Mission

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joyosmanski Allen Gregory airs this Fall! I’m the one with the enormous forehead:

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SpaceUpdating Endeavour’s Final Liftoff Takes Antimatter Detector Into Space

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SpaceUpdating NASA Starts Countdown for Shuttle Endeavour Launch

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I ask this out loud to everyone: Is the @mbushong Sharks playoff curse now broken??????

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Facebook secretly smears Google. In the words of Amy Pohler and Seth Meyers, “Really? Really???”

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Remember when Yahoo! and Sun were cool?

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Breckenridge Brewery’s awesome ad campaign. Gravity activate pouring, brilliant! Damn it, I should be this clever…

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SpaceUpdating NASA Gravity Probe Confirms Two Einstein Theories

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Too many different words coming at me from too many different sentences.

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What is humanity’s most distant spacecraft? Check out #APOD for the answer:

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HTC, you idiots. RT @daringfireball: ‘If You See a Stylus, They Blew It’:

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Want NASA mission posters (free downloads)? Some of these are great!…

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wtbates Whenever I open a new jar of peanut butter and see that perfectly smooth, unmarred surface, I just have to draw a smiley face!

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Just watched last week’s Idol. Sad to see Casey go but two things: 1. He couldn’t have won it. 2. He blew his performance, so no surprise.

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Why is my AT&T bill 31 pages long to list calls I don’t owe any $$ for? Nowadays there should be no more per minute charges… EVER.

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The Crapitals and Alexander Pussvechkin are going to get swept. Hahahahahahahahhaha!!!!

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Journey to the Data Center of the Earth #techmovies

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BorowitzReport BREAKING: AT&T Says Bin Laden Still Responsible for One Year Left on iPhone Account

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Mars Needs Motherboards #techmovies

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Enemy of the Stateful Firewall #techmovies

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SpaceUpdating Alien Planet Nearly Dense as Lead

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Exoplanetology spent a few minutes marveling at this pic. Sunset on another world http://fettss.arc.nasa.g…

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SpaceUpdating NASA delays Endeavour’s final launch

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I am now being followed by Catholic iMissal (@iMissal). I would love to know the tweet that caused that to happen. Zombies or Nasa? :-)

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@mbushong I would only rate the metal grate as Zombie Resistant. It needs to close and additional 5-6 feet below ground for true safety.

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Happy Zombie Awareness Month! Who says you can’t live zombie free in style? Here is a sweet zombie proof house!

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RT @MMFlint: FOX News: Elderly Man on Dialysis Killed by Young African-American Male

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Justice has been served.

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