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June 2011

I really LOVE all of the trees in New England!

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dhh I had high hopes for the first webOS tablet but it looks like it’s a clusterfuck: What a shame.

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SETIInstitute NASA sets 7/8 launch for Atlantis; final Space Shuttle mission will help ready post-Shuttle era

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Could the Montreal police be more pathetic or hard up for wanting to interrogate Chara (or anyone else) for the Pacioretty hit in March?

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Good stuff!!!! Worth the flight to Boston!!!!

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teamcymru Details of our CSIRT Assistance Prog, from our latest youtube

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RT @NASA: #FRR-Space station’s life support systems are operational and can support STS-135, recycling water, making oxygen, removing ca …

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Voyager2 Sister ship Voyager1 is 16 hrs 10 mins 21 secs of light-travel time from Earth (2011:179:1L)

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JonahHill Bruce Jenner is the least famous of the Kardashians but the irony is that he is the only one with a talent of any kind that deserves fame.

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A good light-weight article on West Coast beer:

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SpaceUpdating Last Launch of the Space Shuttle Program - Bittersweet

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Discovery_Space Asteroid #2011MD is making its closest approach to Earth around about now. Bye bye little space rock:

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Voyager2 No Go: House Appropriators Reject FY 2012 DOE Funding Request for Pu-238 Production -> No more trans-Jovian missions. via

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AsteroidWatch Watch small asteroid 2011 MD as it moves from center to lower right in these images taken by Tom Glinos

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I have been putting together a list of my favorite beers with Check out my list here:

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SpaceUpdating 2011 MD asteroid: When and from where will the giant space rock be visible on …

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@PauleyP Some argue that we give the word power. I say that it already has its own power. For right or wrong we need to delete the word.

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Is it just me or is Amtrak the most unsafe way to travel ever?

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Damn, My new love is Racer 5…

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Wow, 28 Days Later is totally messed up.

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“I would rather eat possum ass than be your desk monkey.” — Ryan

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“I like you, but you are a shit wingman.” —Wilfred

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It was a shock at first to hear the Sharks traded Seto, but I think the Sharks made a great move getting Burns.

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alyankovic Dang it!! They already closed 10 minutes ago.

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teamcymru Did Syrian #hackers just get tacit permission from their gov’t for #ddos #cyberwar attacks?

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FinallyinFirst New Blog Post: A Different Making Words Folder Idea

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Discovery_Space INCOMING! Asteroid to Narrowly Miss Earth on Monday | @Discovery_News by @PeoplesAstro #2011MD

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CassiniSaturn It’s been 5,000 days since my launch Oct 15, 1997 Titan IVB/Centaur @NASAKennedy. That calls for cake!

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Took my wife to see Super 8. She loved it. It was my second time. Good movie, but I wasn’t blown away. B+/A-

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donttrythis All in a days work. We’re having fun.…

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SanJoseSharks Devin Setoguchi signs a three-year deal to stay in San Jose.

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Voyager2 I am currently 13 hrs 09 mins 05 secs of light-travel time from Earth (2011:175:2L)

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Discovery_Space NASA’s New Mars Rover Arrives at Launch Site | @Discovery_News by @Free_Space

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LAWeekly Today is Sonic the Hedgehog’s 20th birthday. Also, you’re old.

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SanJoseSharks Sharks to open 2011-12 season on Oct. 8 vs. Phoenix. Rest of schedule to come later today.

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This sounds like a good idea, but at it’s core, we are still trying to blame teachers for our educational woes.

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KevinCrossman The Burger King in Sunnyvale has best smelling restroom I’ve ever been in. Clean smell, with just a hint of bacon. Seriously.

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LRO_NASA The Moon is moving away from the Earth at a rate of ~1.5” per year.

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SpaceUpdating Video: Spider Spins Zero-Gravity Web in Space

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@BorowitzReport I almost agree with your Zookeeper spoiler alert… I challenge the hilarious part. :-)

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If you are an elementary teacher in K/1, my wife (@FinallyinFirst) has a wonderful blog. She has a giveaway this week.

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This very day in 1997, my sweetheart said “I do” in a church full of people. :-) It has been a wonderful 14 years! Happy anniversary honey!

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In June 1996, I proposed to my sweetheart in front of a school full of people. She said yes!

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The Kraft Macaroni and Cheese “Macsurance” commercial is great!

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weberwithoneb Twitter is the new “Fw: Fw: fw: fw: FW: check out these funny cat photos” medium.

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TWlTTERWHALE If you could hear Morgan Freeman narrate your tweets when you press tweet. #ThatWouldBeEpic

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hotdogsladies No disrespect to hip-hop culture.

But, do you REALLY want to remember your 20s as “that dark decade when I had to manually hold my pants?”

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SpaceUpdating Final lift-off: excitement but bitterness inside Nasa at last chapter of the …

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Watching A Few Good Men still gives me chills.

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Also, it reinforced that Empire Strikes Back is the cream of the crop of Star Wars Movies.

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After watching the SpikeTV Star Wars marathon today it is crystal clear to me that Episodes I thought III should never have been made.

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TheMacalope Look for a special weekend Macalope tomorrow morning. A response to the latest atrocity by Katherine Noyes couldn’t wait until Monday.

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Vancouver could learn a thing or two… RT @BostonUpdate Bike cop just gave his bottle of water to a mom with two young kids #bruins #parade

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These just arrived on the plane from Boston! I have friends there that haven’t gotten hat or shirt yet! Oh, yeah!!

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Did I hear correctly that the US is going to do a new run of state quarters? Things must be pretty dull over at the Mint…

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SpaceUpdating Black hole seen eating a star deep in space

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MarsCuriosity This is the last time to see me on camera before I ship from @NASAJPL to @NASAKennedy. Watch live & chat now:

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@Kardboard It will. Unfortunately, no place is immune to mob stupidity and violence. Any word on the girl who fell of the viaduct?

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SpaceUpdating International Space Station image shows Britain from space

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@Kardboard Sadly the actions of the mob will taint Vancouver for a while, but the real spirit will come back strong.

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Kardboard RT @TylerIngram: RT @bersonphoto: True Vancouverites stream downtown to lend hand cleaning mess made last night.

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kellyoxford Dear Vancouver fans lighting Vancouver on fire and yelling “Fuck Boston”, you’re fucking Vancouver.

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wilw Vancouver fans start fires faster when they lose than Los Angeles fans do when we win. Wow.

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ConanOBrien Congratulations to the Boston Bruins for winning the Stanley Cup, and for wrapping the game up before the start of my show.

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Two things are clear in the NHL… NBC and Vs. suck at covering hockey. I wish it would get more respect in the states.

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Vancouver got what they deserved, 2nd place. Can’t take away their spectacular regular season, however. Thomas is THE MAN!

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@weberwithoneb Once you upload your music, you can’t download it again. WTF???

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KevinCrossman “Go the Fuck to Sleep” perfectly narrated by Samuel L. Jackson - free on Audible.

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I got an invite to Google Music Beta today. Yes, it is only beta, but so far, nothing to get excited about. It has a LONG way to go.

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Discovery_Space Tonight, if you’re lucky, you’ll see the #moon turn blood red! Get ready for an awesome #lunar #eclipse

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This is awesome!!!!! RT @KevinCrossman RT @OfficeTally: VIDEO: #TheOffice edited as a 1990s sitcom!

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SpaceUpdating NASA Spacecraft Discovers 122 Pairs of Star Twins

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@BacktoBeantown Careful not to lay it on too thick. We don’t need a gooch! :-)

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@Kardboard With the internet, the idiots who spew hate are no longer only heard while drunk at the game. We shouldn’t label all team fans…

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weberwithoneb Old article but still true. “The single worst strategic mistake […] they decided to rewrite the code from scratch.”

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To be fair to Pliny the Elder, I am going to give it another go. Maybe my taste buds were in a mood yesterday…

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RT @BacktoBeantown: Lebron has made the Decisionâ„¢ to join the Florida Panthers next season. He’s confident he’ll succeed in the NHL…

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nik_nik What the Girl Scouts Taught Me about Content Distribution #mto

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TWlTTERWHALE Asking LeBron James for change for a dollar is a #BigMistake… he won’t give you the 4th quarter.

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Apple, you make me laugh sometimes. Good luck with this… “Apple tries to put the kibosh on iPad and iPhone giveaways”

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KevinCrossman Couldn’t happen to a nicer team. #MiamiHeatLose

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Voyager2 I am currently 13 hrs 08 mins 48 secs of light-travel time from Earth (2011:164:2L)

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<disappointed>Finally had Pliny the Elder… Meh. It has NOTHING on Dogfish Head 90.</disappointed> I like Bear Republic’s Racer 5 better.

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Of the Pliny the Elder delivery that came to my Whole Foods on Thursday evening, I just took 6 of the last 7 bottles. I couldn’t be greedy.

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Is it common knowledge yet that signing every Tweet with your name or a “cool” catch phrase is dumbass? — TTFN WhereIF

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Why do so many restaurants use Flash on their websites? It is nothing but clutter and crappy UI design. I just want to see the menu…

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@TWlTTERWHALE Oh, Fail Whale, you make me laugh. The way you make such outlandish and absurd comments cracks me up! :-)

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flyosity Matt Groening once designed an advertising campaign for Apple.

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Social Media Wins Again! So sad that companies need to be forced to do the right thing. “Delta Overcharges US Troops”

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kellyoxford It would be great if people who wear camouflage clothing were less visible.

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Why are books in the iTunes store WAY more money than I could get them at the book store? Why would digital be more expensive?

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KevinCrossman Important video from AT&T: How to Dial a Phone.…

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@Kardboard Right. I’d like to see how well a bus full of opposing “well behaved” fans would fare in any city, any sport. :-)

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@Kardboard Brave, because a few folks flipped them the bird and said rude things? The arrogance of Vancouver fans is immeasurable.

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CraigyFerg Time to shake this shit up a little. Big announcement on the show tonight.

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Finally watched The Fighter tonight. Good movie. Christian Bale was great. Amy Adams was hot. :-)

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BorowitzReport The Republican debates should begin with all the presidential candidates emerging from a tiny car.

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I retweet a post about Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and two adult sites follow me? I didn’t say The Wrath of Giant Dong…

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TrekMovie 29 years ago today @ParamountPics released STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN & Trek was reborn(again)…

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SETIInstitute Cosmic explosion is new candidate for most distant object in the universe

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FakeAPStylebook Adverbs should be used sparingly and for greatest impact, like your mom.

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RT @daringfireball: ★ Why Windows 8 Is Fundamentally Flawed as a Response to the iPad:

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@joyosmanski Is this the 2011 version of name dropping? Face dropping? ;-) “She totally face dropped Justin Beiber…”

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NASA You have 24 hrs to put your name in for the chance to be 1 of 150 at last shuttle launch #NASATweetup:…

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Have you checked out The Heist for your iPhone yet? It sold 500,000 copies in its first week! #TheHeist

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suzanne_ra Education Transformation Through Social Media

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SpaceUpdating Engineering students design tent for camping on Mars

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