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July 2011

If you like Batman, you’ll enjoy, “50 Awesome Wallpapers of Batman.”

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MarsCuriosity All the pieces are getting in place at @NASAKennedy for my upcoming launch to Mars! New video tour:

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When your pee is totally clear, it means you have had about enough beer, right?

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Could a Wednesday be any better?

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KevinCrossman McDonald’s WiFi instructions illustrate why Macs are better. via @Digeratii This pretty much sums it all up.

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iBelieb4ever Me : Dad, I want to go to a 50 cent concert. Dad: Here is one dollar. Take
your sister too.

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CassiniSaturn New image of Southern Iapetus taken June 7 - only one more Iapetus flyby - March 2015. #NasaYSS

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@KevinCrossman I love hilarious fantasy! Brier Dudley is a fool who likely worships at the altar of RIM and wonders why the pews are empty.

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SpaceUpdating Largest Ever Water Reservoir in History Discovered in Space

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BTW, Dream Team Designs (@DreamTDesigns) is a blog design company that my wife and I just started. :-)

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Promotional Plug: Are you using blogger/blogspot? Why not get a blog makeover from @DreamTDesigns http://dreamteamdesigns….

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SpaceUpdating Deep Space Water Reservoir Discovered

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Summertime Tip: Don’t leave a pack of gummy bears in your car for a few days…

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NTARC Terror Warning Warns of Insider Threat to Infrastructure.

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RT @NASA: Space shuttle Atlantis’ payload bay doors are closed and everything continues to proceed on schedule for this morning’s landing.

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Awesome shirt! Mordor x Disneyland T-Shirt. I think @KevinCrossman would approve.

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Voyager2 I am currently 13 hrs 10 mins 47 secs of light-travel time from Earth (2011:202:2L)

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Could we please make it a web standard for browsers to put their tab close button “x” on the same side?

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suzanne_ra Hubble’s Neptune anniversary pictures - Today, Neptune has arrived at the same location in space where it was discov…

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For the last time, the US Space Shuttle has approached the International Space Station (ISS):

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mbushong RT @KarlBode: Netflix wise to keep hitting the facts on AT&T’s metered billing push. They’re absolutely right.

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Voyager2 I am currently 13 hrs 09 mins 51 secs of light-travel time from Earth (2011:190:2L)

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dbarefoot “My brother was flying to Miami and took this awesome picture of the #shuttle from his window seat”. via @twitpic

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CassiniSaturn Today’s @APOD is a panorama of Saturn’s giant storm. The storm head is @ left, imaged in near-infrared

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BreakingNews South Sudan becomes the world’s newest nation - @BBCNews

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SpaceUpdating NASA’s Last Space Shuttle Atlantis Blasts Into History

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@JessInAtlanta yeah, I think 140 is not enough, especially in replies and when including URLs. I don’t need unlimited, however.

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Enough Google+ bashing for now. I should go Buzz about it…

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I will say that Twitter’s 140 character limit is its albatross.

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I have also read that Google+ will close down Twitter. Good luck with that. Google+ needs integrate with Twitter.

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I keep reading that Google+ is a ripoff of the FB. The logic break there is that FB got it right. All three column pages are not equal…

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Wow, this guy could not be more off the mark regarding Google+ eliminating both Facebook and Twitter.

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@weberwithoneb The Facebook UI is at least usable. Almost every Google UI looks like a freshman web design class from 1995 made it…

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I finally got into Google+ and am now trying to figure out what the hell it is. Do you think Google will ever hire a UI designer?

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CassiniSaturn Seen Saturn? Tonight —> to upper right of the 1st quarter moon. Virgo’s bright star Spica is upper left & completes triangle

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This is awesome!!! Bungie’s Classic ‘Marathon’ Game Now Available on iPad

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SpaceUpdating Last Chance to See Orbiting Shuttle With Naked Eyes

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SpaceUpdating NASA Narrows Next Mars Rover’s Landing Site to Two Choices

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nasahqphoto Launch countdown has started for STS-135 Atlantis! Be sure to check back for images!…

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@KevinCrossman There wasn’t enough room for him… Physically…

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SpaceUpdating “Zombie” stars key to measuring dark energy

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SpaceUpdating NASA copes with loss of shuttle program

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I love Cali, but Massachusetts is home. Wish I never had to leave. :-(

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SpaceUpdating Shuttle’s end won’t end NASA’s future, agency’s top man pledges

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NewHorizons2015 Did you know? We expect to find 3 to possibly 8 or 10 KBOs within reach of New Horizons? We’ll pick 1 or 2 of these for flybys after Pluto!

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When someone bursts into a room/hall/wedding/speech, whatever, would anyone really yell, “What is the meaning of this?!?”

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Apple Ranks as 21st Largest U.S. Retailer in 2010

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I am a Pale Ale and IPA guy, but looking to branch out. What other types of beer should I look into?

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SpaceUpdating NASA Plots Post-Shuttle Program, Eyes Job Cuts

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Why the hell does anyone share a personal email address? I think this is sad and creepy at the same time. Lots of folks I know do it.

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