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August 2011

aishatyler Seriously. Does anyone REALLY know how to use Google+ or are you all just hitting random keys in earnest like that hyper kid at the arcade?

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The major blow to T-Mobile is that Deutsche Telekom (parent company) is no longer interested in being in that market. “Deadman walking…”

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Maybe, in a perfect world, Sprint and T-Mobile would merge to create a 3rd US wireless company. That scuttlebut has never come to fruition.

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@weberwithoneb A sad day for T-Mobile and AT&T customers. Not all large mergers are bad.

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T-Mobile has an average customer gain of -74,500 cutomers each quarter. Yes, that is a loss not a gain. Sinking ship…

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T-Mobile’s profits are down 48% from 1 year ago. 48%!!! At this rate, they are not long for this world. Someone needs to buy them.

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Why the merger hate? T-Mobile is not helping consumers. They do not innovate. They are hemoraging customers. Plenty of compeditors left.

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Trader_Vics Happy Mai Tai Day, ladies and gents!

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Arrogant Bastard is great in a bottle, but on tap? Wow! Racer 5 on tap is a treat as well. Who would come here to order Bud Light or Coors?

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At The YardHouse. Beer selection: A, Ambiance and Feel: F. A stainless steel bar? The rest of the decor looks like a SoHo sushi joint.

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Dear Tweetdeck, please create an option for putting the notification windows in the top or bottom center of the screen. Corners suck.

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CassiniSaturn Monday’s new image: Peering through the haze of Titan for a view of the dark region called Belet —>

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joyosmanski how i dream… If you’ve ever wanted to walk on air…

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SanJoseSharks #Sharks Announce 2011-12 Television Schedule.

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Scientists Discover ‘Diamond Planet’ Orbiting Pulsar:

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What is the over under on how many times we will see “Irene” and “fury” in a news story title?

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Exoplanetology M101 supernova How many worlds were destroyed? How many will be created from it?

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@mingyeow It wasn’t Bill Gates as much as it was IBM’s blunder at letting the clone market come to pass.

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IPhone App update #fail. What is wrong with this picture? StarWalk, proofread content? Really???

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joyosmanski Room in a box!

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So much for traditional family values… Census Bureau: Divorce higher in Bible Belt

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Thanks Steve! “Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world - are the ones who do.” - Apple, Think Different

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Although I put it in quotes, I should have added that the Steve Jobs post I tweeted was said by Michael Gartenberg of Gartner.

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I think homework should only be graded for effort and completeness, not for correctness.

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I just had a great disagreement over homework with my brother-in-law.

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“It’s important to remember that there’s more to Apple than any one person, even Steve Jobs.”

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NASAAmes Cool APOD! Pileus iridescent cloud over Ethiopia:

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AstronomyUpdate 5 years after demotion, Pluto still stirs debate

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KellyDMcC Tea Party picks a fight with Jane Yolen: Argh! What is it with Republicans attacking beloved fantasy authors & friends?

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Hacked Military and Government Sites Just Scratch the Surface #security

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kellyoxford Yelling “YOU MONSTER!” after someone farts in a public bathroom feels pretty great.

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Fresh, lightly seared ahi and a good IPA is a perfect match. Mmmmmmmmm…

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NASAKepler RT @neiltyson: Quakes Hurricanes Tsunamis, etc. Clever ways Earth is telling us to get the hell off. Yet another reason for a space program.

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@harpoon_brewery I hope the earthquake didn’t spill too much!

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fbihop Picture of the DC #earthquake devastation

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@KevinCrossman The need to sell the 400,000 they have left…

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RT @taptaptap: NYT: “Is That Review a Fake?” EVERY single App Store review would be flagged as fake with this criteria!!!!!  ht …

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@BeerAdvocate I just tried BridgePort IPA from Portland, OR. I wasn’t in love with it. I give it a C.

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mbushong San Francisco 49ers issue statement that Raider fans are thugs. Raider owner Al Davis counters “Have u seen our home games? We have no fans”

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Betelgeuse10 Red dwarf stars are the most common in the universe, & will live for trillions of years. So none have ever been seen to die #wonders

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SpaceUpdating Fireball Leads to Midwest Meteorite Alert, NASA Warns

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Pitching may win championships, but offense is what gets you into the playoffs. #SFGiants, you better get consistent soon…

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Too bad this doesn’t work with my bank… RT @BreakingNews: VP Joe Biden tells China that US is good for debt, would never default.

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SpaceUpdating ‘Curiosity’ robot is bound for Mars - KPLC

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At what point will spam email switch from offering large sums of money to getting you large numbers of Twitter followers?

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@KevinCrossman I got carded at CVS when buying a 5 Hour Energy shot. The prescription drugs I picked up… nope.

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lifehacker Didn’t get a Windows disc with your new laptop? Download the ISO:

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Wonderful candid shots from Star Trek: The Next Generation

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thinkgeek Today in Geek History: Gene Roddenberry, explorer of new worlds & civilizations, is born in 1921. Raise a cup of Romulan ale in his memory.

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NewHorizons2015 In ’05 we learned Pluto has not 1 but 3 moons; this yr we discovered another! How many moons do u think will be discovered in the future?

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suzanne_ra Biologists’ discovery may force revision of biology textbooks: Novel chromatin particle halfway between DNA and a nu…

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Quote of the week, “Don’t you think as a host, if I say this is what I want to talk about, that’s what we should address?”

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Which is funnier, the story of Gerard Depardieu peeing on an airplane floor or watching Anderson Cooper lose it!

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TheMacalope Facepalm?

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KevinCrossman Another one bites the dust #iPadCompetitors #RIPtouchpad

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SanJoseSharks #Sharks announce 2011 Training Camp Schedule. Practices @ Sharks Ice South Rink limited to 1st 250 people. #ArriveEarly

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@canhazinterwebs Really, your bot is only programed with that one response? You don’t deserve to use Interwebs. #EpicFail #Loser

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safety Seeing Tweets that you need to sign a petition to keep Twitter free? Don’t click. It’s fake and will steal your password.

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That quote was from Harry McCracken. See the article: More Evidence That There’s No “Tablet Market”

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A great quote , “It’s been 19 months since the iPad was announced, and the rest of the industry still feels like it’s in dress rehearsal.”

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SpaceUpdating See a ‘falling star’ from above

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teamcymru Want jail with those fries? How not to #hack from McDonalds…if only attribution was always this easy

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@wilw Anything but orange is good. I am in favor of bringing back the green starburst.

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@btolsen Yeah, I get twitzophrenic sometimes.

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@bamana LOL, North Korea couldn’t put up a realistic fight. WWIII will not be with them.

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SpaceUpdating NASA says Comet Elenin is no threat to Earth

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@btolsen I agree. I am just saying that it will not happen any time soon. the Catholic Church changes faster than grammatical rules. ;-)

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@btolsen the basic rule is not likely to change anytime soon. Just exceptions added. We like exceptions in America. that is how we roll. :-)

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@btolsen I agree, but not nearly as fast or as much as folks may like. The period and comma rule had been in effect since the 1800s.

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@btolsen Agreed. This particular rule is not in dispute, however. Well, within American grammar, anyway. :-)

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@KevinCrossman Quoting hyperlinks should be avoided. The basic rule won’t change. There are already exceptions for things like hyperlinks.

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Have you been to It looks like a lame AOL or Yahoo! homepage from the 90s (although sadly, has not changed much).

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Will ESPN ever move back to Disney’s failed Go Network needs to be purged from the Interwebs.

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Okay, this website of improper use of quotation marks is hilarious! Thanks for sharing @ranathusseini!

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KevinCrossman I find it ironic, and annoying, that Trader Joe’s sells peanuts in a plastic bag rather rather than a recycle-able jar

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Tweetdeck is acting crazy today. It just retweeted the wrong tweet. It is a twitastrophe!!!

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BadAstronomer .@IDoubtIt Actually, I was thinking a research project seeing how often book shelvers at libraries get sick would be interesting. #Serious

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My favorite quote of the summer comes from BB13’s Lawon, “It’s a Cannonball Run, baby.” Please try to use this phrase at least once a week.

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@mbushong It sounds like they added on the Congress package…

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romenesko Florida gov’s staff is about to find out that the state’s newspapers won’t let it play photo editor.

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One of the most ancient and well used symbols of humanity, the circumpunct, in all of its celestial glory:

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KevinCrossman Another great @FireFox release, version 6 (following v4 and v5 earlier this year). I’m looking forward to v7, v8, and v9 before Christmas

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I have been trying 8tracks. It is a good idea, but so crippled by music industry requirements, it will never take off.

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Yikes, Dan Lyons gets his ass whooped by MG Siegler. Dan had a better career as Fake Steve Jobs.

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If we can cripple Iran’s nuclear program with Stuxnet and track down Bin Laden, why can’t we eliminate spam email and Twitter bots?

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This is a classic picture. The Evolution of Video Game Controllers!

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@KevinCrossman Seriously! Our school district is crazy!!!

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First day of school today for us. WTF?!?!? Whatever happened to starting after Labor Day????

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mbushong If your wife or gf says you are not romantic enough, tell her “At least I didnt bring Gollum to our wedding”.

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Voyager2 I am currently 13 hrs 13 mins 38 secs of light-travel time from Earth (2011:227:2L)

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I changed the screen protector on my iPhone. Wow, what a difference. I think my 3GS may have a retina display. ;-)

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KevinCrossman Dear Mozilla, just because Chrome comes out with a major version number every two weeks, doesn’t mean you should also. #Firefox6

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SpaceUpdating Colliding Galaxies Form Exclamation Point in Space

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A good friend of mine started a Facebook page. He needs 25 “Likes” to get a friendly URL. Can you help him out?

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RT @singularityhub: A First Look Inside Virgin Galactic’s Commercial Spaceship | Singularity Hub

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@JessInAtlanta You should have put the car in pack, taken the keys out of the ignition and said, “Here…”

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I took the kids to Hometown Buffet for lunch. We are the only customers here under 70!

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God_Damn_Batman He who fights crime with the most toys wins.

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jonmchu Shooting big guns with @theRock BOOM. #OMGiJoe…

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Yikes!!! RT @cnnbrk: Postal service looks to layoff 120,000 workers #postalservice

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MarsRovers #3DThursday from Mars: Oppy’s new panoramic view from “Spirit Point” at Endeavour crater.

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Trying Full Sail IPA. Not bad. At 6% ABV, it is pretty weak, as IPAs go. I give it a B/B-. It lacks the “wow” factor that many IPAs have.

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@harpoon_brewery Any chance you’ll be carried in California (specifically the San Jose Bay Area) one day?

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SpaceUpdating Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks on Friday

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btolsen Bert & Ernie won’t get married. They’re those old school radical gays who think marriage means giving in to the hetero hegemony.

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Disney has a new resort in Hawaii. My question: What took them so long?

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Voyager2 I am currently 13 hrs 13 mins 06 secs of light-travel time from Earth (2011:223:2L)

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zacknielsen Dear Smokers: Stop littering all over our fine city, and more specifically my front yard. Find a new hobby.

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@JessInAtlanta Sounds like you either went to a reunion for something or dealt with a relative. ;-)

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I hope the owners of websites that artificially throttle your download in order to charge a fee for “high speed” service all get herpes…

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I just tried to print from my iPhone at FedEx Office. It doesn’t work. The HP ePrint app sucks ass. I should have expected that from HP.

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I took my kids on a field trip to mark the end of summer… School starts on Monday. :P

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The Periodic Table of Typefaces: What, no Comic Sans?!?! ;-)

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DreamTDesigns Wow, this is a great list. 40+ Best WordPress Tips and Tutorials of July 2011.

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MarsRovers After 3 years of travel, Oppy reaches Endeavour! New views from the west rim of the crater:

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I finished all of Falling Skies last night. I am a fan. Noah Wiley is great. The writing is B/B-, but good acting & visuals.

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Everyone who uses a password NEEDS to read this XKCD:

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I have been using Spotify for a little over a week. It needs much more polish, but a good effort. Spotify is closer to what Ping should be.

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@bamana Let us know how you like it. I am not a Sam Adams guy, but I do love their Octoberfest.

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