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October 2011

Exoplanetology Only 1% of all planets are considered as Planets. We are the 99% says the Dwarf Planets! #OccupyPlanets

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RT @Astro_Wheels: Eating in Space! Thought I would share this ‘Kodak Moment’ (actually a ‘Nikon Moment…I think…) with you from STS- htt …

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@mbushong It is hard. Really hard for a while. Sleep is not something you will have in great quantities for a little bit…

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thinkgeek Today in Geek History: In 1985, Nintendo debuts the NES to indifferent US retailers. By 1995, it sold 60M+ units worldwide.

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Really? Really?!!? RT Rep. Curry Todd, sponsor of Tenn. guns in bars bill, charged with having gun while driving drunk.

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Are there really people out there that have not passed Bathroom 101? When the stall door closes, conversation stops. No exceptions!

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rainnwilson This exists and must be watched. RIDDLES OF THE PARANORMAL. “What is the Impassable Wilderness?”

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NASA [Image of the Day] Making a Spectacle of Star Formation in Orion #iotd

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@KevinCrossman I would love to see a Tigers/Brewers World Series.

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MarsCuriosity 49 days till liftoff! All my launch teams are getting into place:

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RT @God_Damn_Batman: The genius we didn’t deserve, but the one we needed. Farewell, Steve Jobs.

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We lost a remarkable man today. The world feels smaller already…

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@KevinCrossman The 3GS for free? A great starter smartphone for kids, is the first thing that comes to mind…

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