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March 2012

The 2012 Heat Wave: “Almost Like Science Fiction”

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SpaceUpdating NASA probe offers new view of Mercury: an alien world right in our back yard

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jonmchu James Cameron is a badass. That’s it.

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Discovery_Space Most Ancient, ‘Impossible’ Alien Worlds Discovered | @Discovery_News by @astroengine

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apod Unusual Hollows Discovered on Planet Mercury :

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cbarrett If you think about it, C-3PO is basically wearing a crop top and low rise jeans.

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NASA Learn why equinoxes & solstices occur and watch this amazing @NASAGoddard video that was shot from space!

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TheScoutingGuy Do you like science, technology, engineering and mathematics? Could you “like” our NOVA Awards Facebook page?

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PauleyP I feel so old school with my 1st generation I-pad, I might start carrying around a rotary phone & an abacus.

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HubbleTelescope Dr. Alberto Conti joins “Speaking of Hubble.” Learn how a flood of astronomical data is channeled into usable streams.

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Check out the stop motion guacamole video on this page. It is pretty sweet. (Angry Birds video gets all the attention)

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SpaceUpdating NASA prepares mission to Sun as solar storms continue to bombard Earth

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jonmchu So PROUD!!! My parent’s restaurant, CHEF CHU’S, was just named the 3rd BEST CHINESE restaurant in the USA by CNN!!

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SpaceUpdating Solar storm reaches Earth; no trouble reported

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