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February 2011

paulandstorm [P] Randy Newman is a national treasure, and nobody say a goddamn thing snarky! #oscars

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CanberraDSN A beautiful bearded dragon lizard with DSS43 in the background. One of our favourite photos of nature and space.

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Wow, one of the most boring Academy Awards shows that I can remember watching. Bring back Billy Crystal. #oscarsontivo

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Another stuffy, pretentious film that barely anyone will watch wins “best” picture. Will the Oscars ever be relevant again? #oscarsontivo

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So far, Anne Hathaway and James Franco are a flop. Could they be any more flat and boring? #oscarsontivo

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Okay, Kirk Douglas may be scary looking, but he was pretty freaking funny. #oscarsontivo

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Just watching the Oscars now. Thank goodness for TiVo. Man, Kirk Douglas looks bad. He makes Dick Clark look (and sound) good.

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While I am watching a movie on Apple TV, I should be able to search and download another from my iPhone (or other Apple device).

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Nicolaus Copernicus (1473 - 1543) was born 538 years ago today.

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Meet new friends, tie that yarn, and that’s how you do The Scarn!

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Even the sun likes to get off on Valentine’s Day!…

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Today in 1923: Tomb of King Tutankhamen unsealed in Egypt.

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A great photo project: Back to Your Future…

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@KevinCrossman If the glove doesn’t quit, you have to acquit! ;-) True story with the Terminator, BTW.

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NASAKepler On this day in 1564, a child was born who would one day look at the Universe in a way nobody else ever had. His name was Gailileo Galilei.

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Holy crap Little League baseball administration has eaten my day! I made a bagel 3 hours ago that I haven’t gotten to yet.

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NASA NASA is on its way for a late night Valentine’s date with a comet. Here’s the live Website:…

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NASAJPL_Edu The Space We Love - a new slideshow of space images. Just in time for a #happyvalentinesday .

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ConansSquirrel Let’s all just hope Mubarak doesn’t pull a Leno. Congrats Egypt!

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Voyager2 I am currently 13 hrs 12 mins 01 secs of light-travel time from Earth

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I am not typically a fan of the Coen brothers work, but I enjoyed True Grit.

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This 14 part fan documentary of Star Wars is excellent! For Star Wars fan, it is a must watch. Well worth your time.

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When will dictators learn? Don’t build a big square in your country for protesters to gather…

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CanberraDSN Busy day next week. Canberra is prime for Stardust-NExT encounter with Comet Tempel1. Follow along here http://stardustnext.jpl….

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Techland Activision kills the “Guitar Hero” franchise, says it’s due to “continued declines in the music genre” |

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TweetDeck, you are a good application. Are you not ready to go to v1.0 yet? v0.37.2? C’mon now.

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Publicly Terry Bradshaw had to root for the Steelers. You know that privately he was very happy that Big Ben lost.

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NASAJPL Date with a Comet: Get to know @NASA’s Stardust-NExT mission & its Feb. 14 flyby of comet Tempel 1. Video:

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Through some sports voodoo magic, can we merge the Clippers, Warriors and NFC West into a single decent team?

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Not a bad rookie season for Clay Matthews.

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HooverReport Just checking; the 9’ers passed on Aaron Rodgers, didn’t they? Yeah, I thought so. That suuuuuuucks!

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I forgot AOL was still around, let alone had enough cash to buy more than a cup of coffee.

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Gizmodo Everyone at Apple must be laughing their ass off:

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Could this be the worst episode of gLee yet? This show has just gotten stupid. It used to be fresh and clever. Now it is forced and trite.

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The problem with Super Bowl
Ads is that they try to be funny, but comedy writers don’t write them. That is where the money should be spent.

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Thank God that Green Bay won.

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So far it has been a Super Bowl commercial fail.

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I am sooooo running out of energy right now. Six Sam Adams on tap will do that to you. Please let my Target trip end soon.

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NASAhistory Forty years ago today, Apollo 14 landed on the moon. Check out a video of the landing here:

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There is a widget from JPL that lists asteroid flybys within 20 lunar distances. Thanks @AsteroidWatch! .

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Way cool. Astronomers Find Massive, Previously Undetected Gamma Radiation Bubbles Adorning the Milky Way.

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Youth organizations (like Little League, any soccer league and the BSA) would be so much easier if the adults didn’t get in the way…

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Voyager2 I am currently 13 hrs 11 mins 53 secs of light-travel time from Earth

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NBCNews The scene along Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive, where massive snowdrifts ground everything to a halt. PHOTO:

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NASA_Ames We can’t wait for the next big Kepler announcements TODAY in just under an hour! (10am PST) Watch on NASA TV

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