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May 2nd, 2011

Journey to the Data Center of the Earth #techmovies

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BorowitzReport BREAKING: AT&T Says Bin Laden Still Responsible for One Year Left on iPhone Account

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Mars Needs Motherboards #techmovies

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Enemy of the Stateful Firewall #techmovies

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SpaceUpdating Alien Planet Nearly Dense as Lead

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Exoplanetology spent a few minutes marveling at this pic. Sunset on another world http://fettss.arc.nasa.g…

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SpaceUpdating NASA delays Endeavour’s final launch

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I am now being followed by Catholic iMissal (@iMissal). I would love to know the tweet that caused that to happen. Zombies or Nasa? :-)

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@mbushong I would only rate the metal grate as Zombie Resistant. It needs to close and additional 5-6 feet below ground for true safety.

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Happy Zombie Awareness Month! Who says you can’t live zombie free in style? Here is a sweet zombie proof house!

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