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August 11th, 2011

Yikes!!! RT @cnnbrk: Postal service looks to layoff 120,000 workers #postalservice

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MarsRovers #3DThursday from Mars: Oppy’s new panoramic view from “Spirit Point” at Endeavour crater.

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Trying Full Sail IPA. Not bad. At 6% ABV, it is pretty weak, as IPAs go. I give it a B/B-. It lacks the “wow” factor that many IPAs have.

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@harpoon_brewery Any chance you’ll be carried in California (specifically the San Jose Bay Area) one day?

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SpaceUpdating Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks on Friday

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btolsen Bert & Ernie won’t get married. They’re those old school radical gays who think marriage means giving in to the hetero hegemony.

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Disney has a new resort in Hawaii. My question: What took them so long?

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