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August 17th, 2011

@wilw Anything but orange is good. I am in favor of bringing back the green starburst.

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@btolsen Yeah, I get twitzophrenic sometimes.

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@bamana LOL, North Korea couldn’t put up a realistic fight. WWIII will not be with them.

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SpaceUpdating NASA says Comet Elenin is no threat to Earth

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@btolsen I agree. I am just saying that it will not happen any time soon. the Catholic Church changes faster than grammatical rules. ;-)

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@btolsen the basic rule is not likely to change anytime soon. Just exceptions added. We like exceptions in America. that is how we roll. :-)

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@btolsen I agree, but not nearly as fast or as much as folks may like. The period and comma rule had been in effect since the 1800s.

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@btolsen Agreed. This particular rule is not in dispute, however. Well, within American grammar, anyway. :-)

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@KevinCrossman Quoting hyperlinks should be avoided. The basic rule won’t change. There are already exceptions for things like hyperlinks.

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Have you been to It looks like a lame AOL or Yahoo! homepage from the 90s (although sadly, has not changed much).

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Will ESPN ever move back to Disney’s failed Go Network needs to be purged from the Interwebs.

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Okay, this website of improper use of quotation marks is hilarious! Thanks for sharing @ranathusseini!

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KevinCrossman I find it ironic, and annoying, that Trader Joe’s sells peanuts in a plastic bag rather rather than a recycle-able jar

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Tweetdeck is acting crazy today. It just retweeted the wrong tweet. It is a twitastrophe!!!

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BadAstronomer .@IDoubtIt Actually, I was thinking a research project seeing how often book shelvers at libraries get sick would be interesting. #Serious

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My favorite quote of the summer comes from BB13’s Lawon, “It’s a Cannonball Run, baby.” Please try to use this phrase at least once a week.

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@mbushong It sounds like they added on the Congress package…

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