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August 18th, 2011

suzanne_ra Biologists’ discovery may force revision of biology textbooks: Novel chromatin particle halfway between DNA and a nu…

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Quote of the week, “Don’t you think as a host, if I say this is what I want to talk about, that’s what we should address?”

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Which is funnier, the story of Gerard Depardieu peeing on an airplane floor or watching Anderson Cooper lose it!

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TheMacalope Facepalm?

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KevinCrossman Another one bites the dust #iPadCompetitors #RIPtouchpad

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SanJoseSharks #Sharks announce 2011 Training Camp Schedule. Practices @ Sharks Ice South Rink limited to 1st 250 people. #ArriveEarly

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@canhazinterwebs Really, your bot is only programed with that one response? You don’t deserve to use Interwebs. #EpicFail #Loser

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safety Seeing Tweets that you need to sign a petition to keep Twitter free? Don’t click. It’s fake and will steal your password.

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That quote was from Harry McCracken. See the article: More Evidence That There’s No “Tablet Market”

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A great quote , “It’s been 19 months since the iPad was announced, and the rest of the industry still feels like it’s in dress rehearsal.”

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SpaceUpdating See a ‘falling star’ from above

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teamcymru Want jail with those fries? How not to #hack from McDonalds…if only attribution was always this easy

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