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August 20th, 2011

SpaceUpdating Fireball Leads to Midwest Meteorite Alert, NASA Warns

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Pitching may win championships, but offense is what gets you into the playoffs. #SFGiants, you better get consistent soon…

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Too bad this doesn’t work with my bank… RT @BreakingNews: VP Joe Biden tells China that US is good for debt, would never default.

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SpaceUpdating ‘Curiosity’ robot is bound for Mars - KPLC

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At what point will spam email switch from offering large sums of money to getting you large numbers of Twitter followers?

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@KevinCrossman I got carded at CVS when buying a 5 Hour Energy shot. The prescription drugs I picked up… nope.

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lifehacker Didn’t get a Windows disc with your new laptop? Download the ISO:

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Wonderful candid shots from Star Trek: The Next Generation

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