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August 31st, 2011

aishatyler Seriously. Does anyone REALLY know how to use Google+ or are you all just hitting random keys in earnest like that hyper kid at the arcade?

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The major blow to T-Mobile is that Deutsche Telekom (parent company) is no longer interested in being in that market. “Deadman walking…”

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Maybe, in a perfect world, Sprint and T-Mobile would merge to create a 3rd US wireless company. That scuttlebut has never come to fruition.

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@weberwithoneb A sad day for T-Mobile and AT&T customers. Not all large mergers are bad.

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T-Mobile has an average customer gain of -74,500 cutomers each quarter. Yes, that is a loss not a gain. Sinking ship…

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T-Mobile’s profits are down 48% from 1 year ago. 48%!!! At this rate, they are not long for this world. Someone needs to buy them.

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Why the merger hate? T-Mobile is not helping consumers. They do not innovate. They are hemoraging customers. Plenty of compeditors left.

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