What is this place?

Where Icarus Flies is a place where I will voice my opinions, comments, speculation, and theories regarding a variety of topics. For now, in the beginning, no topics are off-limits. As we progress, I may decide to hover around a niche of topics. All comments are welcome, but as Opinionator and Chief, I reserve the right to remove, delete or edit any and all comments as I see fit.

Where did the name come from?

A good friend of mine and I were college roommates. We had a radio show together on WSHL 91.3 FM, Stonehill College Radio. Our first show we called “Where Icarus Flies.” I came up with the name because it sounded cool, a bit mysterious and had a reference to something in classical literature. A perfect, almost pretentious title, from a college student that wants to sound sophisticated! Over time, “Where Icarus Flies” came to be a place of musical experimentation. Sometimes dangerous where there was the potential to get burned.

I like that name and what it symbolizes, although if I do it right, I hopefully won’t suffer the same fate as our tragic hero…



  1. Ted Kraynick on 10.30.2009

    Looks to be a great start Bill. I look forward to reading your thoughts in the coming months.

  2. Anne Winslow on 10.30.2009

    IMPRESSIVE!!!! You are amazing!!! I look forward to all of your podcasts. Thanks for sharing.

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