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What is that? Can you feel it? Right there, on the back of our neck. A tingling as the hairs stand on end. Maybe, you notice an ever so slight sweet, pungent earthy zing in your nostrils, just like the smell before a summer storm. Maybe it is just a feeling you have that something is just outside your conscious perception. Hmmmm. You may be right…

A Classic Cheater!!!WhereIcarus Flies, Episode 12, the last honest podcast…

WhereIF Episode 12 Contents

Back again! Did you miss me? Did you think I was gone for another 5 months? Well, no such luck!!! Some quick website news. I know that you cannot get enough of my pithy yet thought provoking Twitter musings. So, I have a new section of the website that has archived all of my tweets. The collection is browsable by moth and fully searchable. You may not have asked for it, but you sure got it!!! There is a link on my website or feel free to visit WhereIF’s Tweets now.

That is all I have to say about that… So now, on to this week’s show.

Cheating in Sports

Cheating and sports go hand-in-hand. Is there a difference, however, between working to get a call and breaking the rules? Derek Jeter, poster boy for wholesome goodness, truth, justice and the American Way is being vilified for overacting in a recent game. He did not get hit by a pitch, but he acted as if he did and got the call. Besides hamming it up WAY to much, is he a cheater? What are some other memorable cheating moments in sports history? We’ll take some time to mull it over this week.

Big Brother 12 on CBS

One of my favorite summer guilty pleasures! I do love this show. This summer’s cast could possibly have been the most boring cast in Big Brother history, yet they are not the worst cast ever, in my opinion. What is is whit these reality shows that keep us watching? I spend some time talking about this hit summer show.

iTunes Ping

Is it a social networking platform, a marketing ploy, a useless idea or the next phase in Apple’s media domination? I share my opinions on this new grass roots effort by Apple to become our media control center. I would also love to hear your thoughts on this.

The Hoover Report

Joey Hoover stops by to give us his thoughts on Derek Jeter, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Nikita on the CW and more!

Masterworks Theatre

This week is another special MWT. With my budding guitar skills (well, maybe budding is too strong) I give you my version of “The Boxer” by Simon and Garfunkel.

Podcast File Info – Episode 12

I used an enhanced version of the podcast (.m4a) as the default version in my RSS Feed and on iTunes. If you have any problems with it, let me know (although if you use iTunes, .m4a is not a problem). I have received feedback that some mobile devices have trouble with the enhanced version (yes, that is you Blackberry). You can still get the .mp3 version from the website.

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Karen Gillian plays Amy PondWhere Icarus Flies, Episode 11, covering topics throughout time and space…

WhereIF Episode 11 Contents

I have returned! It has been a long hiatus, but Joey and I were back at it this past week. I have missed being on the air very much and Joey has been bursting at the seams waiting to get in front of a microphone once again!!! I never thought it would take this long to get to episode 11! As a wise man once said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You just never know what you are gonna get.” 😉

So let me get right to it and tell you about this week’s podcast…

What Happened to my Job?

I have been out of work for a year. It has taken a steep toll on me, not just financially, but mentally and physically as well. I spend some time this week talking about the toll being unemployed can take on a person. Dealing with the unemployment agency, worrying about paying the bills, being ignored by hiring managers that you interview with. It all adds up. I talk about my own personal experiences.

Has Google Lost its Mojo?

Google has made blunder after blunder of late. Big mistakes such as backing a private internet to messing up the Google News and Google Image Search interfaces. I send some time talking about why I think that Google had jumped the shark.

Doctor Who

You had to have noticed the gorgeous red head above! That is actress Karen Gillian who plays Amelia “Amy” Pond a companion to the eleventh incarnation of The Doctor on BBC’s Sci-Fi institution Doctor Who. This show has been around for the better part of the last 50 years. The latest incarnation of the show began in 2005. I only started watching it again this past January, just as the eleventh doctor took over. The show this past season has blown me away! It is excellent! I have now seen most of the episodes from 2006-2010 (thank goodness for The Interwebs). If you like Science Fiction and have not watched the current series, you are missing out. Matt Smith, who plays the the good doctor, just me the best Doctor Who ever! (Sorry Tom Baker and David Tennant)

The Hoover Report

Joey is back in the studio to give us his unique perspective on society, sports, the entertainment world and current events.

Masterworks Theatre

Masterworks Theatre returns with something a little different. This month I sing and play the guitar. Oh, it is nothing great, I assure you. I only started teaching myself to play at the beginning of the year. I am still very much a hack, but I have fun.

Podcast File Info – Episode 11

I used an enhanced version of the podcast (.m4a) as the default version in my RSS Feed and on iTunes. If you have any problems with it, let me know (although if you use iTunes, .m4a is not a problem). I have received feedback that some mobile devices have trouble with the enhanced version (yes, that is you Blackberry). You can still get the .mp3 version from the website.

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Five GuysI am still on my quest to find the best burger around. There are really three awards, Best Fast Food Burger, Best Restaurant Burger and Best Overall Burger. No, I am not including homemade burgers.

So far, on my quest I have sampled burgers from places like: Carl’s Jr., McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, In-N-Out, Jack-in-the-Box, BJ’s Brewhouse, Rockbottom Brewery, The Britannia Arms, Johnny Rockets, Fuddruckers, Red Robin, Chili’s, and the list goes on. By the end of the year I will dedicate a podcast to my burger experience.

Yesterday I visited a new contender in the Bay Area: Five Guys. This is a chain that has been around in other parts of the country for a long time. They are new to the West Coast, however. The shocking and controversial news recently from Zagat’s is that Five Guys is the best fast food burger in America, ousting the home town favorite In-N-Out. Now, anyone who knows me at all, has listened to my podcast, read my blog, or follows my Titter feed, knows full well that I believe that In-N-Out is the most overrated burger in America! With a burger connoisseur buddy, @kevincrossman, I ventured into what some call a burger paradise.

The Environment

Your surroundings can have an impact on your burger experience. Should it? We can argue that later… Anyway, I thought that Five Guys reminded me of a mix of Johnny Rockets and In-N-Out. It has a fast food joint look from the 50s. Fairly stark, clean and full of potatoes! What? Potatoes? Yes, that is what I said. Apparently they are very proud of using Idaho potatoes. The lobby is filled with bags and bags of them! The bags are arranged in such a way that it marks the boundary between the line and cashiers and those just scoping out the menu.

There were far too many quotes of how great Five Guys is for my liking. Zagat reviews on the wall, quotes from national and local reviewers on the walls. Who are they trying to convince, me or themselves? I am hoping that this isn’t the typical decor and that it is only because they are brand new to this area. Still, it put me off.

They have a box of peanuts that you can freely partake of while you wait. I am not sure why this is a good idea. Peanuts in a burger place? I mean, unless there are arcade games around or they serve beer, what the heck are they thinking?

The Menu

The menu is simple, which is fine with me. No need to mess with your focus. Compared to In-N-Out, Five Guys does have a bit larger selection. They have hamburgers, cheese and bacon, so you can order a burger in any combination of those items. You can also order the burgers in little sizes, I assume for kids. They have a hot dog, cheese dog and bacon cheese dog. They have a grilled cheese sandwich and something veggie. I don’t know if it was a veggie wrap or veggie burger. Honestly, every time my eyes strayed to the veggie item, it burned my eyes and made my head hurt. Why have such an abomination in a burger joint? I mean, if you are a meatasaurus why would you drag your chlorophyll loving friends here? Seriously?!?!?

Anyway… I was impressed with the toping choices. Five Guys has all the classics: ketchup, mustard, mayo, pickles, onions and such. They also have grilled onions, jalapenos, A1, grilled mushrooms, hot sauce, BBQ Sauce and green peppers. Nice selection!

The fries come in two sizes which are basically big or bigger. They come in two styles: cajun and normal.

As for drinks, Five Guys has the normal assortment of fountain drinks. One addition, they did have caffeine free Diet Coke at the fountain. You don’t see that very often. Something shocking: They do NOT have shakes. This is, in my professional opinion, a HUGE miss. They have unneeded extras like a veggie sandwich and grilled cheese but no chocolate shake? I thought they were supposed to be serious?

This isn't my actual burger, but it could be its long lost twin!

My Order

I ordered the bacon cheese burger with ketchup, mustard, mayo, pickles, lettuce, tomato and grilled onions. I also got regular fries and a Diet Coke. Yeah, that’s right, a Diet Coke. Deal with it.

The Fries

I’ll start with the fries. Basically, they were good. Unlike those nasty, cardboard-like, denizens from potato hell that In-N-Out doles out, Five Guys fries are tasty. They are not the best fries in the world, but worthy of being categorized as Good Eats. They are thick, almost like steak fries, but just shy of crossing that line. My regular sized fries had tons! Way more than I should have eaten.

The Burger

First, let me start with the good. It was big. I almost had to unhinge my jaw and go all python on it. Also, the bacon was EXCELLENT! Crisp, thick enough and tasty! Best bacon in a fast food place ever, hands down. I was in awe over how they made the meat… instead of one patty, they made two smaller patties. In between these two mini-meat mines, they melted the cheese. Brilliant!!! Well, it seemed brilliant at the time…

My first bite, I was not in heaven, but I thought it was a good burger. My main focus on that first bite was the great bacon! As I eased out of my bacon bliss, I began to realize that the burger itself had some major flaws. Originally, I thought the two smaller patty idea was a good one. Turns out, not so much.

I know that fast food burger places will never have nice thick burgers like you make at home or get at a full service restaurant. I also know that due to health reasons and the fact that their patties are thin, fast food places cook their burgers well done. So, knowing this, making your burger patty smaller and thinner is not a good idea. It didn’t even seem like the meat was kneaded and massaged into a decent patty. They were barley smushed lumps of ground beef. Without my pile of condiments, the burger would have been dry.

That brings me to the bun. Just like at In-N-Out, they grill the inside of the bun. This is a good thing in my ratings book. That is the only good thing that I can say about the bun. I did not care for the taste of it. Now, a good bun can certainly enhance a burger and bring it to new heights. At the very least, you can get away with a substandard bun as long as it does its job, namely: HOLD THE CONTENTS OF THE BURGER TOGETHER! Why did I yell that? Because the flimsy, weak-ass bun that Five Guys gave me can’t even do that. Less than halfway through my meal it started falling apart. I have no problem with a good, messy burger, but that is only when things fall out of the sides. When it is messy because it falls apart, that is an entirely different story. Epic bun fail!

The Verdict and Rating

Five Guys hardly has the best fast food burger in America. As you already know, I do not worship at the altar of In-N-Out, so I have no hidden burger agenda when I say that Five Guys Burgers and Fries is not better than In-N-Out Burger. Although, even with its annoyances I did think it was a decent burger. It wasn’t an embarrassment, Five Guys is just not as good as its reputation. If I was with friends who wanted to go to Five Guys, I could deal with that. I just would not seek Five Guys out on my own.

To be fair to them, I will try Five Guys one more time before my big burger podcast. Thank goodness they have bacon, it really does make everything better!

WhereIF Rating: 3 sets of wings out of 5.

3 out of 5



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This is an original poem that I wrote back in 1991. It took me a lot of digging to find it. Is it a copout for Week 1 by posting something that I had already written? No I don’t think so. That is the point of WhereIF a Week, sharing original works. I don’t have very many already made items, so 99% of my posts will be recent work. I was always proud of this poem and am glad I have a venue to show it off!

I originally wrote it on some word processor on a VAX, so a mono-spaced, sans-serif font was all there was. Which is exactly what this needed to work. Because I didn’t want to mess with CSS within WordPress, I decided to type it up again in Word and use a screenshot.

Okay, WhereIF a Week 1 is posted. I am excited. This should be fun!




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What Next????Well, what started off strong as a podcast a week has turned into nothing more than a linkfarm to my Twitter posts. I really enjoy doing the podcast, yet I procrastinate. Why? I guess it just shows that I don’t have the passion for it right now. I have been out of work for 10 months now and every day I grow more complacent. I need to change that.

I recently found the wonderful musical works of Jonathan Coulton (JoCo for short). He is quite amazing and his website is worth checking out. While I was reading about him, I learned that for a year he posted a new song every week. He called this endeavor “Thing a Week.” I am inspired. I am now going to do something similar. No, I am not going to post a song a week. I have only been self learning guitar for about six months, so I have a long way to go before I worry about music. 😉 So what am I going to do?

The WhereIF Experiment: Part II

I started my podcast as an experiment and a way to learn more about the modality for disseminating information. Yeah, I know, a pretentious way to say, “I wanted to learn how to podcast and understand its world.” I know I only have 10 episodes posted (as of this writing), but I have learned a lot about the podcasting world. Is there more to learn, most certainly, but as far as the mechanics go I am down with that. It helps that I have three years experience as a DJ and a bit of time as a radio newscaster.

So, it is time to bring my experiment to the next level. Whatever that is. My raw plan: post “something” every week for six months. What???? Only six months? What the hell? Why not a year? JoCo did it. Julie Powell did it. What gives??? A year is a freakin’ long time. Honestly, I am not sure I am up for six months, but I’ll give it a try. It took me like eight months to put up 10 podcasts. After four months (so, sometime in September) I will make a decision to commit to another six months or not. Lame? Possibly. Copout? I don’t think so. What is so special about a year? Six months isn’t something to scoff at.

What will that something a week be? Right now, I don’t have a plan for that. My brainstorming is that it will be things like: a podcast episode, original poetry or short stories, animation, comics, possibly tutorials or demos. My intent is to have it something more than just a blog post a week. That would be lame. My intent is to post some original work of some sort that is substantial.

When will I post? Hmmmmmm… I don’t have a commitment for that yet. I was thinking I would shoot for every Tuesday. Possibly I will just post sometime in the week (Sunday through Saturday).

So, there is my idea. It doesn’t really matter what you think about it, since I am doing it anyway. Although, as always, I would love to hear your feedback.

Does the Project Have a Name?

Not officially. “Thing a Week” has already been done. The WhereIF Project could have been cool, but it seems too close to Julie Powell’s. WhereIF a Week? What are your suggestions?

When Does “WhereIF a Week” Begin?

There is no time like the present. It begins this week. Since it is already Tuesday, I better think of something to post fast. So, gotta run…


The Obama Plan...Where Icarus Flies, Episode 10, trying to educate the masses…

WhereIF Episode 10 Contents

Blog Post Note: It has now been over two months since I last posted a podcast. This podcast was recorded on March 18th, it is not April 28th. Man am I a lame-ass! I just listened to this episode again and wow, my voice was still thrashed due to my bout with H1N1. I sound MUCH better now!!! — Bill

By not posing a podcast in over a month, Where Icarus Flies is in danger of becoming irrelevant. Well, that assumes that we were relevant to begin with. 😉 A lot has happened since Joey and I were last on the air. I joined the 40 club, we went on a trip to Massachusetts, the Vancouver Olympics came and went, I contracted H1N1 and battled the Swine Flu for two weeks, President Obama declared he was not a friend of teachers and Little League Baseball season started. Those are just the major items on the list!

The good news: we are back! My “weekly” podcast may end up becoming a bi-weekly podcast, but I’ll do my best! It is amazing how much life gets in the way! Hey, at least my podcast wasn’t off the air as long as Adam Curry’s!

So, what does WhereIF have in store for you this week? Let’s take a look…

Where Icarus Flies Jambalaya!

Jambalaya is a wonderful Cajun dish of rice with shrimps, chicken, and vegetables. The word Jambalaya most likely comes from the Provençal word  jambalaia, meaning a mish mash. That is what the WhereIF Jambalaya segment is. A mish mash of topics that can sometimes boarder on the spicy! This week I talk about a potential National ID Card, Zurich’s “Fish Lawyer,” and Google vs. the little guy.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Digital Rights Management, or DRM for short, is a broad term to indicate one of many possible techniques for restricting the free use and transfer of digital content. The digital content is most commonly a movie, song, game, document (mainly PDFs), audio book or more. The case for DRM is that without a strong system in place to ensure only paying customers can access media, piracy will run rampant and cut drastically into profits for content producers and its distributors. On paper or sitting around a conference room table, this sounds quite reasonable.

In practice DRM does very little to curb piracy and mainly gets in the way of a consumer’s right to enjoy their legally purchased digital content in ways that comply with reasonable fair use guidelines. Although the public face of DRM would have you believe that its sole purpose is to protect the poor copyright holder’s intellectual property, it does little to do so. At they same time DRM proponents argue that the rights of the consumer are paramount. DRM is mainly about use (or more accurately non-use) of the digital content, not about the rights of the consumer.

This week, I spend tome time talking about DRM. Can you guess which side of the debate I am on?

America’s Public Education Fail

I have talked about this before, Public Education in the United States at the K-12 level is an embarrassment. No Child Left Behind (NCLB) is a sick joke and President Obama does not have an adequate plan to fix our education woes. Everything about President Obama’s education plan smacks of public pandering. Oh, there are parts that sound good to the general public, but that is only because the general public does not know anything about education. Tying teacher pay and performance rating to test scores is absolutely the wrong thing to do. Especially since the test that are being used are inadequate and our current education standards are not reasonable.

On top of that, President Obama created what can be best described as a secret society to dole out needed money to states in need. The bogus Race to the Top program is a farce. California did not get needed government money because most of the School Districts and Teacher’s Unions in the state would not agree to the out-of-touch, nonsensical mandates of President Obama’s plan. Most everyone remotely knowledgeable about Education will tell you that using standardized tests to identify good vs. bad teachers, is not just a bad idea, it is idiotic!

President Obama and Education Secretary Duncan had no problem showing their true colors when they both supported the firing of all 93 teachers and administrators at a failing Rhode Island School. Proponents of the firing like to paint the picture of an impoverished and helpless student body under the thumb of an evil teacher’s union and a brave and visionary superintendent of schools who would not take it any more. Throwing the fantasy away, we see a school that has a student body that has been below level for a long, long time. A fairly new superintendent who is trying to make a name for herself and and teachers who are shackled down by NCLB and do not know what else to do. Okay, maybe I am painting the picture in reverse, but that is how I see it. The mass firing had nothing to do with helping the kids. It was a hardball negotiation tactic used by the superintendent that now has the teacher’s union back at the table cowering. Oh and the nuclear option of fireing all of the teachers come in spite of a state report written last April that focused on the high school’s reading and writing proficiency, which have gone up 22 percent and 14 percent respectively over the past two years.

Due to President Obama and Secretary Duncan’s support of this draconian move, the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers both lambasted the pair. Firing the entire faculty of a school is not a recipe for turning around a struggling school. That plan relies on a magical pool of excellent teachers to spring forth and replace the old teachers. It is a plan that is naïve at best and desperately misguided.

Hoover Report

Joey is in the studio and itching to be back on the air. He takes on sports, pop culture and the St. Patrick’s Day staple: corned beef and cabbage!

Masterworks Theatre

A special Masterwork’s Theatre this week that ties in to my battle with the Swine Flu!

Podcast File Info – Episode 10

I have gone back to making the enhanced version of the podcast (.m4a) the default version in my RSS Feed and on iTunes. If you have any problems with it, let me know (although if you use iTunes, .m4a is not a problem). I have received feedback that some mobile devices have trouble with the enhanced version (yes, that is you Blackberry). You can still get the .mp3 version from the website.

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Who Dat? Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat Where Icarus Flies Episode 9? Who dat? Who dat?

WhereIF Episode 9 Contents

Things were dark here in the Where Icarus Flies studio for a couple of weeks. One week was shot due to technology difficulties. Basically, my computer was fried! Thanks to Mac OS X Snow Leopard and my Time Machine backup, it was not hard to get back up-to-speed! If only I hadn’t wasted most of the week trying to diagnose and solve the problem. I should have gone to the backup earlier! Live and learn!

Last week was just plain busy here at the Where Icarus Flies compound! By the time the smoke cleared from the week, it was Sunday morning! Lots of good stuff happened, including our Cub Scout Pack’s Pinewood Derby! One of my favorite jobs as Cubmaster is to be the announcer and race started at the derby! I like to say that I never met a microphone I didn’t like!!!

I also want to wish a big Happy Birthday to my buddy Fred! The big 40!!! Fred, you’ll always be old enough to jam!

Anyway, here is what I have for you this week…

Where Icarus Flies Jambalaya

This is a new segment that I like to say has a lot of ingredients! When it is all boiled up, it hopes to be a savory and possibly spicy dish! I discuss the Super Bowl, the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, the 52nd Grammy Awards, Conan O’Brien and American Idol.

Super Bowl XLIV

For you non Romans out there, that would be Super Bowl 44. The Who Dat Nation vs. The Hoosier Nation. Two power house teams looking to win it all! America is acting like the Saints are the underdogs, but all rational thought should have them being the favorites. Join my discussion within Where Icarus Flies Jambalaya.

Unbreakable Records

Which records cannot be broken? With so many records (both stupid, yes I am talking to you Guinness Book, and honorable) this is a huge topic. I limit the discussion to most the major US sports, although I do mention some Entertainment, Cricket, Tennis and other records as part of the discussion. How can any genuine discussion of this nature not include The Don’s 99.94 Test average? As hard as it was, I choose my Top 5 unbreakable records.

Pete Rose’s All Time Career Hits

As part of the unbreakable records discussion, I talk about some major records that I do not think are untouchable. Pretty much any NFL record, Wilt’s 100 point night, Gretzky’s career point total and Pete Rose’s all time career hits are in my list. I take a closer look at Charlie Hustle’s record and 7 players that have a legitimate shot at surpassing him.

Hoover Report

Joey Hoover reports in on Justice Alito, the NFL, Toyota, Lady Gaga and more! Don’t miss his unique take on the world!

Podcast File Info – Episode 9

I have gone back to making the enhanced version of the podcast (.m4a) the default version in my RSS Feed and on iTunes. If you have any problems with it, let me know (although if you use iTunes, .m4a is not a problem). I have received feedback that some mobile devices have trouble with the enhanced version (yes, that is you Blackberry). You can still get the .mp3 version from the website.

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Leno vs. ConanWhere Icarus Flies Episode 8 is not budging from its original time slot!

WhereIF Episode 8 Contents

Well, it has been an interesting week. The Balloon Boy’s dad went to jail, Earthquakes rock the globe, Tiger Woods looks like he will hide from The Masters, American Idol goes on without Paula, NBC creates yet another mess with The Tonight Show and that is just the start! We have no time to waste let’s get right to it. This is what I have for you this week…

NBC Prime Time/Late Night/Leno/Conan Disaster!

What the hack is going on over at NBC? These are the words, more or less, that have been said over and over this week by all sane individuals. This is a screw-up of major proportions. The battle lines have been drawn, but I think they have been drawn incorrectly. In the last few days, folks have been dividing into Team Leno and Team Conan (a.k.a. Team Coco). This is very unfair to Jay. The war is between Team Conan and Team NBC. Although I am sure that Jay is not innocent, neither is Conan. He helped contribute to this mess as much as anyone else by pushing for The Tonight Show as hard as he has. Don’t get me wrong, he was within his right, but Leno never wanted to leave The Tonight Show. He was forced out.

The bad guy in this tale is, of course, NBC. They created this mess. Is Conan getting screwed? Yes… yes he is. Don’t forget, however, Jay is getting (has already gotten and continues to be) screwed as well. Sure, no one cries for a multimillionaire who has an aircraft hanger full of fancy cars. Still, he is just as much a victim as Conan. I am fans of both Leno and Conan. Unfortunately, NBC has created a situation where only one can stay. Who should it be? You’ll just ha Abrhams ve to listen and find out.

Hollywood and the Current Reboot Fad

What is the difference between a reboot, a remake, a retelling, a retooling, a reinvention and a refresh? Who cares! What we really want are good movies. Done right, with the right franchise at the right time, rewriting the story into a similar, yet new tale can be just what the doctor ordered. Take Star Trek (2009) for example. After 10 movies the Star Trek franchise was tired and worn. That being said, it is still a highly successful franchise that just needed a pick-me-up. There are a lot of things that they could have done, but they chose to rewrite events from a point in the franchise’s past and create an alternate timeline for a new story (fitting for a sci-fi franchise). J.J. Abrams was the right director, he chose a great cast and they had a decent script. It all worked very well and Star Trek is likely to get a Best Picture nomination this year. Could it have flopped? Sure.

Star Trek is not the first success and will not be the last. Batman Begins is another great success story. There have also been horrible failures. I am not just talking about bad remakes, there are lot’s of those. I am talking about movies that were intended to reignite a franchise, but failed. Moves like Godzilla (1998) and Planet of the Apes (2001). I read that Hollywood wants reboot the Teen Wolf and Ghostbuster franchises. Are we really calling it the Teen Wolf franchise? Anyway… are we really that short of good new screenplays? Please say it ain’t so!

“Would you like debit or credit?”

Bank card fees. What are they, why are they, where are they? The answer to this now common everyday question makes a big difference to our economy. I spend some time oversimplifying and demystifying bank transaction fees. I bet you didn’t know that Visa was the schoolyard bully. Come find out why.

The Hoover Report

Joey stops by to give us his take on Kate Gosselin’s new show, the 2010 U.S. Census, Pat Robertson (man, what an idiot) and more.

Masterworks Theatre

We have a very special Masterworks Theatre this week. I give a dramatic reading of part of Conan O’Brien’s statement. Which, I think, will forever be known as The Statement.

Podcast File Info – Episode 8

I have gone back to making the enhanced version of the podcast (.m4a) the default version in my RSS Feed and on iTunes. If you have any problems with it, let me know (although if you use iTunes, .m4a is not a problem). I have received feedback that some mobile devices have trouble with the enhanced version (yes, that is you Blackberry). You can still get the .mp3 version from the website.

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No Child Left Behind… really????

Where Icarus Flies Episode 7 is full of hope and optimism for the new year ahead!

WhereIF Episode 7 Contents

It has been a month since my last podcast. I can’t believe how quickly time flies! You have also noticed that I have neglected both updating the blog with articles or posting on Twitter. What can I say, I was overwhelmed by the end of 2009 and the first days of 2010! I haven’t even listened to any other podcasts since the beginning of December! I normally listen to the That’s What She Said Podcast with Kevin and Matt, but I haven’t even had time to do that! Excuses, excuses, I know! Anyway, let’s get to what you have in store this week…

Holiday Season Recap

It was craziness at the WhereIF compound this holiday season! I tell you a bit about the close of the year, some of the great Christmas gifts 0f 2009 and what I hope to accomplish in 2010.

Apple TV

Yep, I got an Apple TV! I have been using it for about a month. I give you my review, it’s pros and cons and my impressions of using a 3rd party product called ATV Flash to take Apple TV to the next level!

No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

The main topic this week is the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. This attempt at education reform is pure garbage! A friend of mine said it best the other day, “NCLB creates nothing more than mediocrity. The high students are not challenged, the low students are not helped and the middle students stay in the middle.” Don’t be fooled by the bogus stats that supporters of this ill conceived legislation throw at you. They have done nothing but manipulate the data. NCLB went into effect in 2003 (although the law was signed by President Bush in January of 2002). There was a larger jump in Math and Reading scores from 2000 to 2003 than from 2003 to 2007 (when NCLB was in effect). You can check out the U.S. Department of Education if you want to verify for yourself.

NCLB just does not work! Education reform cannot be legislated through unrealistic goals and punishment. Teachers are saddled with unrealistic expectations and given no time to get through all of the curriculum let alone be able to stop and help the low students! NCLB punishes teachers and schools who do not meet unrealistic test score results, but does nothing to actually help the students that are not at grade level. Those students are still pushed through the system! Listen in as I give you my thoughts on this debacle.

The Hoover Report

Joey is back from the hiatus revved up and ready to go! This week he gives you his unique insight on Demi Moore, Mariah Carey, Sour Patch kids and more!

Podcast File Info – Episode 7

I have gone back to making the enhanced version of the podcast (.m4a) the default version in my RSS Feed and on iTunes. If you have any problems with it, let me know (although if you use iTunes, .m4a is not a problem). I have received feedback that some mobile devices have trouble with the enhanced version (yes, that is you Blackberry). You can still get the .mp3 version from the website.

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