by WhereIF

This is an original poem that I wrote back in 1991. It took me a lot of digging to find it. Is it a copout for Week 1 by posting something that I had already written? No I don’t think so. That is the point of WhereIF a Week, sharing original works. I don’t have very many already made items, so 99% of my posts will be recent work. I was always proud of this poem and am glad I have a venue to show it off!

I originally wrote it on some word processor on a VAX, so a mono-spaced, sans-serif font was all there was. Which is exactly what this needed to work. Because I didn’t want to mess with CSS within WordPress, I decided to type it up again in Word and use a screenshot.

Okay, WhereIF a Week 1 is posted. I am excited. This should be fun!