Where Icarus Flies, Episode 5 is flying high and tight!

WhereIF – Episode 5 Contents

This week’s show was a bit more free form than previous shows. I almost succumbed to my laziness and didn’t record a podcast this week because of the Thanksgiving holiday. How could I do that and let my listeners down? Well, you know I couldn’t! I planned on this week’s show being a short show, targeting 20-25 minutes. Turns out that I am just too damn long winded and we hit the 47 minute mark! I did have a little help from Joey!

I switched back this week to having the enhanced version of the podcast in my main RSS feed and on iTunes. This should be the last week of switching back-and-forth. Next week, I should have enough data that I can commit to making one format my primary format.

Sun-maid Raisin Bread vs. Cinnabon Cinnamon Bread

I love raisin bread and nothing is better than Sun-maid raisin bread. Cinnabon makes cinnamon bread. Could it be better? Find out what I think in this week’s podcast.


Here in the USA we are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow. A day that has lots of different meanings. In this week’s show I talk about what Thanksgiving means to me and give you some memories that I have from my childhood. Before walking down memory lane, I talk about my top three favorite books of all time!

The Hoover Report

Joey shows his Thanksgiving flair during the Hoover Report this week. Find out what Suuuuuucks this week.

Podcast File Info – Episode 5

The last two weeks, I have made the enhanced version of the podcast (the .mp4 version) the default in my RSS feed. I am going to change it to the .mp3 version to see if it makes a difference in the number of downloads. You can still get the .mp4 version from my website and from my Atom feed.

  • Running time: 47 minutes
  • MP3 file size: 45MB
  • M4A file size: 47MB

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