Who Dat? Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat Where Icarus Flies Episode 9? Who dat? Who dat?

WhereIF Episode 9 Contents

Things were dark here in the Where Icarus Flies studio for a couple of weeks. One week was shot due to technology difficulties. Basically, my computer was fried! Thanks to Mac OS X Snow Leopard and my Time Machine backup, it was not hard to get back up-to-speed! If only I hadn’t wasted most of the week trying to diagnose and solve the problem. I should have gone to the backup earlier! Live and learn!

Last week was just plain busy here at the Where Icarus Flies compound! By the time the smoke cleared from the week, it was Sunday morning! Lots of good stuff happened, including our Cub Scout Pack’s Pinewood Derby! One of my favorite jobs as Cubmaster is to be the announcer and race started at the derby! I like to say that I never met a microphone I didn’t like!!!

I also want to wish a big Happy Birthday to my buddy Fred! The big 40!!! Fred, you’ll always be old enough to jam!

Anyway, here is what I have for you this week…

Where Icarus Flies Jambalaya

This is a new segment that I like to say has a lot of ingredients! When it is all boiled up, it hopes to be a savory and possibly spicy dish! I discuss the Super Bowl, the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, the 52nd Grammy Awards, Conan O’Brien and American Idol.

Super Bowl XLIV

For you non Romans out there, that would be Super Bowl 44. The Who Dat Nation vs. The Hoosier Nation. Two power house teams looking to win it all! America is acting like the Saints are the underdogs, but all rational thought should have them being the favorites. Join my discussion within Where Icarus Flies Jambalaya.

Unbreakable Records

Which records cannot be broken? With so many records (both stupid, yes I am talking to you Guinness Book, and honorable) this is a huge topic. I limit the discussion to most the major US sports, although I do mention some Entertainment, Cricket, Tennis and other records as part of the discussion. How can any genuine discussion of this nature not include The Don’s 99.94 Test average? As hard as it was, I choose my Top 5 unbreakable records.

Pete Rose’s All Time Career Hits

As part of the unbreakable records discussion, I talk about some major records that I do not think are untouchable. Pretty much any NFL record, Wilt’s 100 point night, Gretzky’s career point total and Pete Rose’s all time career hits are in my list. I take a closer look at Charlie Hustle’s record and 7 players that have a legitimate shot at surpassing him.

Hoover Report

Joey Hoover reports in on Justice Alito, the NFL, Toyota, Lady Gaga and more! Don’t miss his unique take on the world!

Podcast File Info – Episode 9

I have gone back to making the enhanced version of the podcast (.m4a) the default version in my RSS Feed and on iTunes. If you have any problems with it, let me know (although if you use iTunes, .m4a is not a problem). I have received feedback that some mobile devices have trouble with the enhanced version (yes, that is you Blackberry). You can still get the .mp3 version from the website.

  • Running time: 63 minutes
  • MP3 file size: 61MB
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  1. Kevin Crossman on 02.05.2010

    Unbreakable music records:

    Elton John: 30 consecutive years with at least one Top 40 hit on the charts
    Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon 741 consecutive weeks on the album chart

    Whatever number Roger Federer ends with for consecutive Grand Slam semifinal appearances. He’s on 23 and counting. Previous holder had 10.

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