Facebook AdI was on Facebook today and came across this advertisement in the sidebar. Is it me, or is this just plain sad? Holy destroy our self-esteem as a society and make fun of others, Batman! I hope they paid the guy who is in the picture or at least got a consent form. Is it just that I am getting to be older and beginning to see things more clearly or am I just turning into a prude? I am disgusted by this ad. I see no humor in this at all, although I understand that many will find it hilarious and that is also sad.

The ad ultimately points to Zwinky.com, which wants you to install a web browser toolbar. Total Ad Ware crap, if you ask me.

Zwinky.com is owned my IAC Search & Media and MANY users beside me also consider it adware. When looking at Zwinky.com on McAfee’s Site Advisor out of 176 people who left feedback, 6 rated the site good. The majority (140+) rated the site as “Adware, spyware, or viruses” and the rest was mixed between “Browser exploit, “This site spams,” and “Excessive popups.”

Do I think Facebook is to blame? No, but not only is this and Ad Fail, but a total Experience Fail/Company Fail.


  1. Kyle Hinckley on 05.19.2010

    You are a complete prude! This ad is absolutely hilarious!!! If you stand any chance of enjoying your life you would have found this funny. Good luck.

  2. WhereIF on 05.19.2010

    Really, making fun of fat people is hilarious? Ruining people’s self esteem is hilarious? I bet you like to sit around in your trailer park and make fun of special needs kids.

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